Saturday, Nov 21, 2020 @ 10:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 21, 2020

A Thanksgiving Celebration!

We are TRULY GRATEFUL & THANKFUL for so much here in Idaho! But honestly, this unusual 2020 year has thrown us all a curveball or two, and the Treasure Valley running community is no exception. Several traditional runs in Boise and the surrounding area have been cancelled all the way into the spring of 2021. But here in a rural setting west of Caldwell, we are going to celebrate with a nice, flat 5K run on Saturday the weekend before Thanksgiving, and we invite you to join us! (You are also welcome to run the event virtually if you prefer--we can mail your shirt to you. Just send your time on the honor system.)

Chicken Dinner Road!!!

We've added our own special twist to this quirky 5K--you'll get to run along World Famous "Chicken Dinner Road" as a part of the course! Participants will receive a unique long-sleeved festive Thanksgiving T-Shirt, too! Although times will be posted, we will have no award ceremonies to limit congregation of the masses and reduce risk for spreading germs at this event. Any raffle items will be pre-drawn and prepared for pickup. When you are not running, please respect the predominant social and healthful etiquette by wearing a facial mask and maintaining a 6-foot distance from others not in your immediate family or close friend circle..

The Chicken Dinner Dash is presented by Canyon Track Club, which strives to serve the people of Canyon County, Idaho and the surrounding areas of the Treasure Valley, promoting physical fitness among people of all ages through running and walking exercise. There will be no refunds, deferrals, or exchanges for this race. Thank you for understanding.


Thank you again for registering and participating in the quirky-but-fun Chicken Dinner Dash, coming our way on Saturday, 21 NOV 2020! It won’t be long now!

COVID-19 Update—Mitigation & Safety—Canyon Track Club takes pride in hosting safe and enjoyable events for all our participants and our volunteers. Please understand that COVID-19 circumstances are constantly changing, and we continue to adjust our methods to reduce health risks and promote a safe and enjoyable race experience. (CTC has additional events we hope to continue to host this year, the health and safety of our participants and volunteers is paramount.)

Runners, Family, & Friends
• If you do not feel well the morning of the event, if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or if you are under quarantine, please stay home. (If you are registered for the event, we can mail your shirt to you; you can even send us an email with your virtual time by 30 NOV, and we can post it.)
• Please wear a facial mask at this event when not running (even when outdoors).
• Please make every effort to maintain a six-foot bubble from others not in your family unit or intimate friend circle.
• Please wash your hands and/or utilize the sanitizer stations CTC has provided.

Start Line Procedures
• Race officials will assign staggered starts for runners to accommodate social distancing.
• Runners may proceed to the start when their race numbers are called, but not before.
• Please make every effort to maintain a six-foot bubble around yourself at the start, and as much as possible during the race.
• You may remove your mask at the start line.

Finish Line Procedures
• Please redress your facial mask as soon as you cross the finish line.
• Please exit the finish line area quickly.
• Please use hand sanitizer.
• Please maintain social distance.
• An enclosed sack of fruit and other snacks will be available for you when you exit the finish area.
• Please enjoy the remainder of your day. Results will be available at later in the day.

Thank you again for joining us for this event. We hope you have an enjoyable and safe experience, and that you truly have a very FUN RUN on your pathway to Chicken Dinner Road and back!

So...Exactly how did Chicken Dinner Road get its name?!?

Morris & Laura Lamb lived in a two-story farmhouse on an unpaved dirt farm road between Karcher Road (now Idaho State HWY 55) and Homedale Road west of Caldwell in the mid-1930’s. They were friends with Governor C. Ben Ross and his wife Edna May Ross. The Lambs were concerned about the poor condition of the road, full of potholes, and ungraded. They had not been successful in getting the Canyon Highway District to improve it.

Laura Lamb took it upon herself to make the drive to Boise, and personally invite Governor and Mrs. Ross to their farmhouse for dinner. The Rosses accepted the invitation, drove to the Lambs’ farmhouse west of Caldwell, and they all enjoyed a nice dinner including fried chicken, hot rolls, and apple pie.

Over dinner, the topic of the poor condition of the farm road came up. Laura Lamb made a point to the governor that the road was not only unpaved, but had not even been graveled or graded. Her plea to Governor Ross was not ignored. By early fall, the road was paved.

Ironically, a Halloween prankster probably named the road. It could have just as easily been named Lambs Road, or even Apple Pie Road. But on the night of October 31 that fall, someone had written in large bright yellow letters “Lambs Chicken Dinner Avenue” on the freshly oiled pavement. Youths on the school bus soon took up the chant “Chicken Dinner Road! Chicken Dinner Road! Chicken Dinner Road!” as the bus followed the road past the Lambs’ home everyday. The name stuck, and that’s how Chicken Dinner Road got its name!

Packet Pickup

Packet Pickup will be on the morning of the event, SAT 21 NOV, beginning at 8:45am. The race begins at 10:00am.

Start/Finish and Course

The Chicken Dinner Dash 5K will start at the parking area of Deer Flat Church (at 17703 Beet Road), where there is plenty of parking available. (The church has opened up the use of their indoor restroom facilities for our use as well. Thank you so much, Deer Flat Church!!!) The course heads South from Deer Flat Church on Beet Road, turns left (East) on Lonkey Road, and does a stint on Chicken Dinner Road to the turnaround, before heading back to Deer Flat Church for an exciting finish!

Canyon Track Club--Our Purpose

The purpose of Canyon Track Club is to serve the people of Canyon County and the surrounding areas of the Treasure Valley, promoting physical fitness among people of all ages through running and walking exercise. Our goal is to promote a positive environment where students of all ages can compete in Track and Field, growing not only in their physical abilities but growing confidence. Coaches for Canyon Track Club try to make a strong, lasting impact for each athlete. We encourage our athletes to give their best each and every day not only to get better for themselves but to positively influence other athletes.
Canyon Track Club members and participants have included athletes from Caldwell, Vallivue, Skyview, Homedale, Ontario, Greenleaf, Middleton, Emmett, Parma, Kuna, and Ridgevue schools, as well as numerous private schools, charter schools, and home school associations. Many former club members have gone on to compete at the collegiate level this decade--some winning All-Conference Events, competing in Finals at National Events, and some winning All-American Academic Awards as well.

Canyon Track Club--Our Story

Canyon Track Club was founded in 2005 by Brian Faulks and Jim Trapp. It started out with just a hand-full of runners, but in a few short years grew into over 50 athletes. We have had athletes achieve many different accolades through running at Canyon Track Club such as All-State and All-American Honors as well as significant Academic Achievement Honors in the classroom.
There are no paid coaches for Canyon Track Club, Inc. Coaches for the Club have a combined 100+ seasons of coaching experience in all aspects of Track and Field. Coaches offer their time and effort, working with athletes to develop and improve their fitness and overall technique. Coaches share expertise in distance, sprints, hurdles, relays, jumps, and throwing. We strive to promote excellence by challenging our athletes to become the best that they can be, yet at the same time, we encourage them to develop running as a lifestyle habit so that they may enjoy the many health benefits of running for years to come.

Local time: 3:48 PM


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