Saturday, Mar 13, 2021

The Frozen Forester's Pine Valley Bike and Run

1106 Olympic Dr

Cloquet, MN 20 K - Fat Bike & Snowshoe/run, 15 K - Fat Bike, 5K Family Run, 5K Adventure Run

This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 13, 2021


Welcome to the Frozen Forester's Bike and Run. Explore Pine Valley's trails with a 15 K pedal, and a 5 K no-shoe/snowshoe run. The Frozen Forester's Bike and Run is a family friendly and covid safe event at the Pine Valley Recreation Area. The event consists of biking on 15 K of Pine Valley's trails, a 5K run through off trail through the woods at Pine Valley, or doing both.

Kids 12 and Under are FREE. Grab them a matching hat for $15 the day of the event!!!

Event Description

The Frozen Forester's Bike and Run is a biking and running event. Both start and end at the Pine Valley Chalet. The bike is 15 K on the Pine Valley trails. The run follows the Frozen Forester's ribbon line for 5K. Like any forester, runners will be off trail. Depending on snow conditions, snowshoes might or might not be useful. It will be easy to walk. Not so to run. Oh, by the way, Pine Valley is hilly - not mountain like and not prairie flat.

Sign up for either the bike ride, the run, or both.

All participants are guaranteed a Buffalo Plaid Frozen Forester hat if pre-registered by March 1st. Supplies are limited. After March 1st, Frozen Forester hats can be purchased and picked up while supplies last or ordered for delivery.


Event Details

The Frozen Forester's Bike and Run is designed to be a challenging and completely unique run only for the brave of heart. It is located at the Pine Valley Recreation Area, Cloquet, MN. The purpose of the event is to show the multiple physical opportunities at Pine Valley. It is also, a fund raiser to support the Pine Valley Recreation Area and enhance Cloquet’s recreation opportunities.

There are three choices to participate: The Frozen Forester's 15 K Bike ride, the Frozen Forester's 5K, or sign up for both.

The Frozen Forester's Bike ride will be riding 15 K onPine Valley's trails while the Frozen Forester's 5K will be running/hiking 5K off-trail following the Frozen Forester’s ribbon trail.

The off-trail loop will follow orange ribbons off-trail up and down the steepest hills, through swamps, creeks, and dense woods in Pine Valley. Runners will be self-supporting the whole distance. They will have to carry their own water and, gels. Snowshoes may or may not be needed depending on the depth of snow. The snow may be an inch deep or two feet deep. It depends on what nature gives us.

The Frozen Forester’s job was to scout out pine and aspen trees for Paul Bunyan and Babe, the Blue Ox, to cut and float down to the sawmill. He has not come back from his last assignment. Somebody has to go find him and bring him back. That somebody is you.

First, you need to get to the stand of pines and aspen. To do so, you will need to get to Pine Valley Recreation Area by Googling Pine Valley Recreation Area, Cloquet, MN. Then you will need to follow those instructions.

Second, biking begins at 8:30 am and running at 10:30 am for the 5K.

Third, to bike you will follow the mountain bike trail and the ski trail as marked out. To run/hike off-trail you will follow the Frozen Forester's orange ribbons through mature pines and aspen, conifer swamps, and dense dog hair thickets of aspen saplings and alder brush.

The event will be covid 19 safe. Procedures will follow safety guidelines and will be developed closer to the date of the event.

Frozen Forester Rules


1) Be safe. Be smart in the woods. You will get wet with sweat. You will get cold.
2) Required equipment:
a) Glasses – to protect your eyes from sticks in the eye.
b) Pack with complete change of winter clothes – Kept in your car until after the run. Change into dry clothes when finish run.
3) If you see a fellow runner in trouble, you must stop and help.
4) In an emergency call or text race director – 218 341 1514.
5) If you drop out, check in at the finish line before leaving the area.
6) If we have to call emergency services because you did NOT check in at the finish, you will be charged.
7) If you get lost – backtrack on your trail and/or call the race director.
8) The race director will not allow improperly dressed runners participate. Runners must be dressed for the weather.


9) All segments of the event start and finish at the Pine Valley Chalet.
10) For biking there will be 15K of trail riding. For running/hiking there will be 5K of off-trail following orange ribbons hanging from branches.
11) Runners/hikes will run following the ribbon trail of the Frozen Forester. The ribbons are orange. Some ribbons are labeled with “Killer Tree” on them.
12) The Frozen Forester has traveled off and on-trail.
13) 5-minute time deduction bonus for wearing a flannel shirt at the start, during, and the finish of the race.
14) Every runner will get a time.
15) The ribbons will be 20 to 300 feet apart. When at a ribbon, the runner will be able to see the next ribbon or if the runner goes forward around a tree or bush they will see the next ribbon.
16) Sharp turns will be marked with 2 ribbons hanging next to each other - up to 1 foot apart.
17) Runners will be self-supporting during the race.
18) Recommended items to have during the search:
a) Lightweight backpack – think camelback or fanny pack,
b) Water,
c) Gels,
d) Energy bars,
e) Dry gloves,
f) Sturdy hiking shoes – runners will not see their feet in the snow,
g) Snowshoes – extremely helpful when snow is more than 6” deep.

Local time: 8:21 PM


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