Friday, Jun 11, 2021 @ 9:00 AM

TPK Summer Camp

Mahlon Dickerson Reservation

Andover, NJ Expect +24 hours

This Event Took Place Fri. Jun 11, 2021

TPK Summer Camp

Registration has closed! If you think you are capable of signing up last minute and still able to finish(highly doubt it)….. well reach out and we will see if we can get you in.

Welcome to TPK Summer Camp! Let's start it off by saying this is "An Event For Extraordinary Nobodies".

Mahlon Dickerson Reservation
Jefferson Township, NJ
Notes: Not in Andover, NJ

At Summer Camp, we will satisfy your adventurous soul through the wonderment of suffering….er, unique challenges and tasks. Our competitors…uh, campers will complete and compete in a series of physical and mental challenges over the duration of the event.

Here are your Summer Camp details.

The Itinerary
You will have a set of tasks that must be completed. These tasks will range from skill base challenges, problem solving challenges and physical challenges. For some of the skill based challenges we will not provide any prior knowledge on what to learn or how to do it until you are faced with it. Meaning you must learn how to do it on the spot. In the off chance you know how to do it prior, good for you. If not, we hope you are a quick learner. Now for the mental tasks,these will be fun. Keep an eye out as you may gain some help prior to the event in the form of clues. That brings us to the physical challenges. Pick up, carry and move heavy shit. Simple enough. Expect the itinerary details in your Camper’s Handbook.


This is an individuals event. There will be a competitive component to this event but also expect to have your "Good Friends" around while you find yourself hallucinating in the woods.

Hallucinations and Heavy $h!t.
Skills needed:
Outdoorsy things
Able to carry heavy and awkward weight.
Problem solver

Gear List

The full gear list will be released one month prior to the event. Below are some of the basic required items but expect some unique items to be added later.
Rubik’s Cube
Hydration Bladder 2L or 3L recommended
Headlamp (extra batteries)
Basic First Aid Kit
Enough food to survive for 30+ hours
2 glow sticks
Safety Whistle
Multi-tool or knife
Pen and Fine Point Sharpie

Prohibited Items:
Any device with GPS or equivalent Functionality
Cell Phones, Radios, or equivalent technology

Refund Policy

There are no refunds or transfers of race registration. All sales are final.

Event's current local time: 5:40 AM ET


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