Friday, Oct 29, 2021
This Event Took Place Fri. Oct 29, 2021

The Gemini 100

This 100 mile event is perfect for setting a fast PR and possibly an USATF record and or age group record. It is perfect practice to see just how many miles you can get in 36 hours. The course is mostly flat with 108 ft of elevation gain each loop which will challenge you after a few miles but isn't that why you run long distance. The best part is MCM( Mike Melton) timing is timing the event so with a chip time and personal race bib no worries about constantly looking at your watch. You will pass a screenshot of your mileage each loop. The course is a 1 mile track surrounded by an enclosed trail of Atlanta's newly built beltline. There is plenty of space to set up a tent/aid station inside the park for anything you must have and enough room for a crew or family members to cheer you on. I do ask that you be mindful that the park is located in one of Atlanta's most historical neighborhoods so please be respectful of the space we are running in especially after 9 pm. There are plenty of trash cans, lights will be on all night long but headlights are needed for the trail portion. There are plenty of trees for moments of shade and beautiful houses surround the park along with details that the area was established in 1919. There is a strict cap on this event to comply with park rules so register early. If you want to end your year with high mileage, this is the place to do it. All proceeds go to helping Atlanta's homeless population.

Race Transfer/Refunds

The are NO refunds but you can definitely transfer to a lower distance and or upgrade your distance. This is an outside event rain or shine. You must wear a mask at packet pick up as well as social distancing at the start. Once you start running we ask that you just respect each runner's space. There is enough room to spread out so as to not impede on others. There is no state mask mandate at this time.

Race Cut Offs

36 HR event: you run as many miles as you want in hours. If you reach 100 miles you will receive a 100 mile buckle. 100M time limit is 34 hours! 50M time limit is 18 hours! 40M time limit is 13 hours! 36/24/12/6, run as many miles during the time limit given!


Newly added 24/12 hours races. Run as many miles possible in 24 or 12 hours.


Each runner with a 100 Mile distance receives a buckle. All 40M/ 50M receive an award with that distance imprinted on the awards. In the timed event whatever distance you finish you receive an award to commiserate with that distance.

Weekend Set Up

Packet pick up begins at 5:30am Saturday. You can camp out the night before but there will not be any race staff/volunteers available the night before. At packet pick up you will receive race bibs & instructions and answers to any last minute questions. There will be plenty of hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes along the individual cans of soda, Powerade, Gatorade, gels, pretzels, water. The food is hot soups at night with peanut butter sandwich, rice, gluten free snacks, gummy bears and grilled cheese and pretty much you ask for it we can make it or order it. Just be ready to run long and have a great time😉

Race Start times

Please check race start times as each distance has it's own specific start time. If for some reason you start late just please remember the clock is always running and doesn't reset for your specific late start. Example: you get there 2 hours later you have 34 hours to run instead of 36.

Local time: 10:02 AM


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