February 13 - 21, 2021


298 Pacific ave.

Auburn, CA Half Marathon, 13 K, 50K, 35.5K

Registration closes: Thu, Feb 11 @ 11:59PM



2021 Information

The 2021 Fourmidable race is scheduled for the weekend of February 20 & 21. The 50k will run on Saturday while the 35k will run on Sunday 21. Current guidelines and restrictions put in place to minimize the spread of Covid 19 will only allow our event to have 100 runners per distance. We hope to be able to increase these numbers as we get closer to race day and our local agencies have more knowledge of the situation.

$$$ Prize money for 2021

Prize money for our 2021 edition will come 100% from donation from our local community, what does this mean? During your registration runners will be able to donate a few dollars towards prize money. 100% of this will go towards the top runners in the 50k and will be divided as follows.

Pool of money will divided 50/50 in each gender, then each 50% will be divided by 50% going towards the 1st place, 30% - 2nd place, 20% 3rd place.

The total amount is unknown until race day as this is based on donations by runners.

$$Course Record Award$$ 2021


An extra $500 will be awarded to anyone who breaks the current course record in each gender.

Male: Max King - 3:32:36hrs - 2017

Female: Stephanie Violett-Howe - 4:10:16hrs - 2018

We will maintain our $500 Course record award for anyone that sets a new course record. This is only valid for the 50k.

Local time: 3:02 AM


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