January 13 - 29, 2022
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What is Ultra Mama Coaching?

This is an ultra marathon coaching program with Nancy Shura-Dervin aka "Ultra Mama" .

Nancy gives you personalized coaching using internet, email and telephone tools to help you identify and achieve your individual running goals whether to finish your first marathon, your 10th 100-miler or to improve your fitness as a runner. This program provides the fundamentals of endurance training while understanding that successful running incorporates psychological components that enhance physical performance. Having gone from a beginning runner in 1990 to an ultra marathon 100-mile podium finisher, Nancy enjoys working with runners of all abilities and talents.

What Can I Expect?

Ultra Mama Coaching includes: Runner Assessment; Goal Setting (short term and long term); Development of a Personalized Training Plan; Tactical Race Strategies; Sports Psychology; Weekly or Monthly Evaluation of Results; Recovery Plan. Nancy's coaching will address base training and build up for events, strength and speed development, cross training, race tactics, and the recovery period. Ultra Mama Coaching works with you to develop strategies for empowering you to become the athlete you were meant to be.

What Services Are Provided?

Services include: An initial Assessment andDevelopment of a Customized Training Plan with optional Monthly Follow Up Coaching (separate purchase).

What Are The Coaching Fees?

All new clients start with Plan A.

Plan A: $250 for a Personalized Training Plan: Includes an Initial 45-minute telephone assessment; 16 to 26-Week Personalized Training Plan; one 45-Minute Telephone Follow-up.

Plan B: $100 per Month - Online Coaching This is a follow-up to Plan A: Includes monitoring your training plan using Google Docs; Making tweaks to your training plan as needed; Email follow-ups as needed.

Plan C: $150 - (4) 45-Minute Coaching Calls to be used as needed.

Plan D: $400 - (12) 45-Minute Coaching Calls to be used as needed.

Plan E: $150 - to Revamp an existing Training Plan. - Make major changes to your current training plan that may arise; as a result of changes in your race schedule, for example. Includes one 45-Minute Telephone Follow-up to review the new plan.

What if I have questions before I sign up?

Wanting to ask a few questions first is completely normal and encouraged! Send an email to Nancy and she will schedule a *free* 30-minute telephone consult to see if her coaching is a good fit for you.

About Your Coach "Ultra Mama"

Nancy Shura-Dervin aka "Ultra Mama" began running in 1990 and has finished more than 100 races of distances from the marathon to 100+ mile races. In 2003, Nancy became the first person documented to qualify for and complete the two of the most prestigious foot races in the world, in the same year; the Boston Marathon and the Badwater 135 Mile Ultra-Marathon.

Nancy is an RRCA Certified Running Coach and holds an active CA nursing license. Her first career was as a groundbreaking educator, coach and motivational speaker for 25 years in the field of natural childbirth, where she combined physical, mental and emotional strategies to help women accomplish enhanced birth experiences. In 1994, Nancy turned her skills toward runners by founding the UltraLadies Running Club that specializes in helping runners transition from shorter races to distance running.

Nancy is owner/race director of Trail Run Events, LLC with a stellar reputation for bringing the very best trail running experience to Southern California. Trail Run Events is dedicated to providing the optimum experience in training and competition with an emphasis on enjoyment, education, runner safety, and building respect for our valuable back-country resources.

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