Saturday, Jan 22, 2022 @ 8:30 AM
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A 3.10-ish mile almost all dirt loop, totally within Killen's Pond State Park. Some roots, rocks (a seashell or so), rubble - but way gentler than most trails, no rainwater and low rise (maybe 80 feet of climb per loop total). Probably a 1/10 on the technical scale. Most wear light trail shoes, few wear road running shoes. No need for super technical trail shoes on this course. The only parts that are not trail are the loop around the parking lot that is .28 of a mile and the aluminum footbridge that is probably .2 miles.

North portion of Pondside Trail is broad and mostly dirt (sand+organics). Southside portion is single track with some roots. A footbridge is used to cross pond at dam end. Both the 50k race and 24hr race start at 0830 at the pavilion. Loop around the parking lot and proceed on the Connector Trail (.2 miles) by the picnic tables towards the Pondside Nature Trail then turn right onto the Pondside Nature Trail returning on the connecter trail to the turnaround at the parking lot.

24hr race has a covered pavilion and has an area available for tents. Heated rest rooms in parking area. Porta-john MAYBE off south portion of trail (Sometimes there is one. Sometimes not).

Both races are self-supported with a community table for sharing any food/drink/aid. 50k runners will mark their own laps; 24hr will have an official lap counter.

This race is held in "Fat Ass style". No aid guaranteed. No shirts. No medals. No chip timing. You show up, run the distance, mark your time down and hang out.

Park Information

Killen's Pond is about 15 miles south of Dover, DE on U.S. highway 13. It is a beautiful, well maintained park. Every year, we have first timers comment about what a great and beautiful park and trail it is.

Turn left (east) on Killen's Pond Road, indicated by brown park sign, to north entrance of park. Continue past water park to first parking lot and picnic tables at far end. Park should open at 0800 and will close at sunset, around 1700.

The park has no garbage cans; you bring it in, you pack it out.

Parking is ample and free in winter months.

We can't thank the park and their staff enough for their continued support of the race and the excellent job they do on the trails.


Each race is capped at 40 persons. This means 40 for the 50k and 40 the 24 hour option. Why? Well, I'm essentially a one-person operation and any more would make it really hard to manage.

There is no waitlist. Why? Because I don't feel like managing one.

No deferrals or transfers for the same reason above.

Note that you may see more than 40 registered. These extras are either friends of mine and/or long time runners of the race who helped make this day what is. If a Barkley finisher wants to come out, I'm letting them in, as well!


Angela Ivory 50K - FREE!

Angela Ivory 24 Hour - $50. Note this money goes to the park as they charge for:
1. The evening/night hours the event is held and the park is not usually open. (5pm to 8am). A ranger is on duty during this time and we must pay a not-so-little hourly amount for this.
2. The cost of renting the pavilion, including electricity

Note that any excess funds remaining after 1 and 2 are paid to the park will be donated to the park, as well. I do not anticipate this amount being very much at all after looking at the numbers.

*This is a no refund race. No refunds will be given for ANY reason. Weather included (ie, if the park closes for snow). If you cancel, your funds will be used to pay 1 and 2 above and/or donated to the park.*



Recent Weather:
2019 - 15 degrees at the start. Got up to probably 40 by 1pm
2020 - Mid to upper 40s all day, Downpours for first 3 hours or so, then overcast
2021 - Mid 20s at the start. Got up to maybe upper 30s during the day. Very windy. Overcast.
2022 - Upper teens at start. High of 34. Abundant Sun. Overnight low hovered around 20.
2023 - Low 30s at start. High of 57!!! Mostly sunny. Overnight low was mid to upper 30s. An amazing day for late January
2024 - 4 to 5 inches of snow day before. Upper teens at start. High of 25. Overnight low around 20. Wind chills in lower teens during day and single digits at night.

Plenty of picnic tables. Plenty of parking. PLEASE be respectful that we are visitors of this park. The park is open to all and you will see others using the trail, including families and dogs. Again, it is a "Pack it In, Pack it out" Park. Do NOT litter. If you see trash, pick it up. We will have trashbags at the picnic tables/pavilion.

Not much around the park other than farmland, but:

For closest hotels, look up either Holiday Inn Express in Harrington, SpringHill Suites in Frederica or hotels in Dover, DE. Harrington/Frederica are a lot closer (10 minute drive in), but Dover has more options (30 minute or so drive in). You could always rent a cabin at Killens Pond. They are heated, I believe. Check out the Killens Pond State Park page for more info.

There is a Royal Farms gas/convenience store probably 3 miles from the Park. Google "Royal Farms Felton, DE" for location. There is a BP gas station and convenience store literally 1 mile outside the park...however I am not sure of hours/if they will be open before the race (it is late January, after all).

This is a rain or shine event. The ONLY exception to this is snow. If the park closes due to expected snow, they will try to let me know the day/evening before and I will pass this on to the runners. SAFETY FIRST. If snow is called for, please use your best judgement whether to attend the event. I live 15 minutes from the park (as does many of the park staff). If I/we can't get there, you probably won't be able to either.

Event's current local time: 9:53 PM ET


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