Saturday, Mar 13, 2021 @ 9:00 AM

6.8 Hours for End68

Dover, nh

6.8 Hour - Virtual, Alternate 6.8 Hour - Virtual Open Field, 6.8 Hour - Vert

This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 13, 2021


This is a virtual race to raise money for End68. Course is designed and completed by the individual runner.

Public schools are often the only source of food for students. School breakfast /lunch can often be the only dependable meals they receive.

End68 is an organization that is trying to help put an end to that. This event is aimed to support that goal. This is a fundraiser being put on by Dover teachers to support students in our communities.
As one of the largest cities in New Hampshire, Dover has a wide range of students, each with unique needs. The funds will be directly given to the End68 program.

Winning prizes are generously donated by incredibly talented local artists

* The organizer will be participating in the event, but will not be eligible for prizes.

Event beneficiary:


This is a timed event with four prize categories:

Distance: Overall distance run in 6.8 hours (6 hours and 48 minutes). Verification through Strava/gpx file

Vert: How much elevation can you climb in 6.8 hours

Design of run: For creative types, design an image on a GPS track, the most creative will win (based on judging from Dover Teachers)

Costume: Another creative type prize. Best dressed will be judged by the Dover Teachers

The prizes will be one of a kind art pieces that have been generously donated by local artists that can be picked up if local, or shipped if not.

Timing (update)

Received a request to run the event on a different date prior to March 13, and here is the info on that:

I want this race to be accessible. If people work Saturdays, I don't want to exclude them. If life gets in the way on that day, I don't want that to exclude you.

While my vision is for runners to be united in our run to support kids at the same time, even if socially distanced, I know running at the same time will not be an option for many people. I will be toeing the line 9 AM on March 13th and hope others will join me then, but if you need to pick a day before March 13, please reach out and we will make it work. The one thing I do ask if you are picking a different time is to let me know prior to race day. Once you pick a time, you will be locked in to that as your race, that way we don't have people feeling they are having an off day and bail for another day (to keep it fair for people waiting until March 13 race date).

After all, the more we raise for these kids, the better!

Local time: 6:24 AM


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