Saturday, Feb 5, 2022

Forgotten Florida 45 Mile / 31 Mile / 15 Mile

3365 Taylor Creek Rd

Christmas, FL 45 Miler, 31 Miler, 15 Miler

Registration Opens Sun. Aug 1, 2021 @ 12:00 AM ET

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Forgotten Florida at Tosohatchee and Seminole Ranch

Just 30 minutes East of the Orlando Airport lies an expansive untouched wilderness. Between East Coast of Florida and the bustling city of Orlando lies a place more picturesque than a Tolkien novel. Tosohatchee and Seminole Ranch are what we speak of. The are home to this trail race. Until the 1970s, Tosohatchee was a private hunting preserve. It was donated to the State. The 1108 mile Florida National Scenic Trail goes right through the heart of this WILD area.
There are lots of infrequently used trails here. The trails meanders through massive groves of mossy palm trunks where the sun permeates the canopy in a polyrhythmic fashion. You will never see the same view twice and running feels effortless here.

We clear off the trails before the race but its soft footing and your feet will definitely be wet with a .1 or so of a mile along the Florida Trail which is foot to knee deep water. Don't worry it's safe! In February you will likely be cold at the start and warm during the day. This time of the year migratory birds flood to Tosohatchee and the region. The bigger wildlife like gators and snakes etc remain somewhat dormant as its too cold for them to be about much other than laying the the sun way away from the trail. The trails we used aren't buffed out trails. They can be muddy, Rooty and slick. It makes it that much more fun.
A lot of this race you will be running through palm trees which seem to be something out of a dream.

While the 25k course is 90% or so trail and does a singular loop within Tosohatchee WMA
The 45 mile course does a 50k loop within Tosohatchee which is part dirt road where youre running with water to each side 15 ft below and can see wildlife. You will run to the St Johns River and get views there. Eventually you hit a shuttle across a divided highway (so you dont die via cars) to then do a lollipop into Seminole Ranch. The 4 miles along the Florida Trail within Seminole Ranch WMA are HANDS DOWN THE MOST SCENIC 4 miles along the Florida Trail. You repeat less than 2 miles of trail for 45 miles.

This is a wild a scenic race. It may not be for you. You will get wet. You might see gators from afar. You might get dirty.

IF you think flat isn't beautiful the race is designed to make you rethink that!

From the race Director Sean Blanton
"This year I set the Fastest Known Time for the 1108 mile Florida Trail. 50 miles a day for 22 days. This section of trail was my favorite. Actually after 9 years of race directing and over 100 races directed I can safely say this is the one I look forward most to. I ran through Seminole Ranch for the first time 4 years ago and its what started my passion for Florida Trail running. FLAT IS BEAUTIFUL! Im tired of hearing that only mountains are what people think are beautiful. You see in February its perfect running weather in Central Florida with hundreds of miles of trails to choose from. This is not multiple loops or out and backs like most all other races in the area. This is meant to be a singular loop taking you through a wide array of habitats. The 15 miler is a great way to get off the roads / buffed trails. Loose the GPS pace watch and look around you. This is one of the last beautiful untouched expanses around Orlando. I hope that this race shows folks whats in their own backyards they didn't know about and brings people from all over the country to enjoy. I want this event to get more trail runners into trail maintenance as well as hopefully inspire some people to thru hike the Florida Trail."

Swag / awards

If you are registered by 1/1/2021, runners will get a hat or beanie and finisher medal. We will do our best to purchase extra items but they won’t be guaranteed after 1/1/2021

aid stations / cutoffs etc

We will have approximately 6 aid stations on the 45 miler and 1 on the 15 Miler
As always with Run Bum Races we make everything epic!

Cut off times
45 miler - 13 hours - you will be running in the dark so you will need a headlamp!
31 Miler - 11 hours - you will be running in the dark so bring a headlamp!
15 Miler - 5 hours

The 45 mile and 50k start at same time and runs the same course until mile 30 at end of the line aid station. The cutoffs at the aid stations until end of the line are really for the 50k so if you kiss the cutoff at end of the line for the 45 mile. You’ll just be routed to the finish and given a finish time for the 50k. You are not eligible for over all awards and only eligible for the 50k from the 45 mile if you miss the final cutoff where the course splits at end of line. So basically if you keep moving you should finish. We want as many folks to finish as possible!


This entire race takes place on land managed by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. They are dedicated to protecting Florida public lands and managing sustainability with hunting and public use on the lands. In other words they rock!
Huge thanks to the Florida Trail Association and its volunteers for helping clear these trails and giving life to the dream of the Florida trail.

Run Bum Races

As with all Run Bum Races
There are no refunds transfers or deferments.
If the race is canceled due to covid then we will take race fee and allow you to apply to another race of ours until Jan1 2023.

Giving back

This race is dedicated to helping maintain the trails we use. We are giving money to the Florida Trail Association. We will have scheduled work days as well as work with the Florida Trail association to maintain all the trails we use. We encourage to go to and click volunteer. IF you live in Florida come to a work day. If you dont then go volunteer locally at your trails. We will be donating some of the proceeds to the Florida Trail Association.

Local time: 10:00 PM


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