Saturday, Oct 30, 2021 @ 8:00 AM
Registration closes: Sun, Oct 24 @ 11:59PM

What we are......

Well at the end of the day we are all just folks putting one foot in front of the other. I like to think that we like to add a bit of flare to that step or at least something that you can remember.

The Henderson Trail 12 & 1/2 is a 6 and 12 hour loop run that takes you through the most amazing park in Dekalb Co. You would never know that you were only 15 minutes from down town Atl. This event (4 mile ish loop) will take you through the park on its multiple trail systems crossing creeks, passing water falls, and hoping roots. You will leave feeling happy and satisfied that your day was spent on such a great trail.

There will be one aid station at the start and finish (hence the loop situation). We will be stocked with all types of whole foods (fruit, H2O, home made pork rinds, almond butter sandwiches on gluten free bread, and gluten packed beer plus much more). Tell us what you want and we might add it to the list (76.25% chance).

We love to be outside, we love to be active, we love to have fun..... BOOM

Come run with the Cheeky Maiden. She or he will be out there keeping it clean as you get dirty.

What to do....

On October 24th @ 8am packet pickup will begin. Please be aware of a few things:

- There are limited parking spots so some of yo may need to park on the side of the park road, these areas will be marked and we ask that you please follow the volunteers instructions about parking.
- Henderson Park is located inside a neighborhood....... so please do not speed when entering or exiting the park as there are family's out
- Feel free to bring tent, table, chairs, for you and your crew
- The course will be completely marked and maps will be available for review
- Once the race ends @ 9pm we need to be out of the park @ 11pm
- For those running the 12 hours loop yo will need a lamp of some type because it will be dark.... real dark

You can find the park @ this address:
2723 Henderson Rd, Tucker, GA 30084

Local time: 1:41 PM


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