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Join us at the Ramapo Valley County Reservation in Mahwah, NJ on Saturday March 12, 2022 for the "Single Squatch"! Come squatch 5.5 miles or 11 miles with us! We are proudly supporting our friends at the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference with this event! As always, our trail parties are open to runners and hikers of all ages and paces!


All runners/hikers need to park in the main parking lot for the Ramapo Reservation and walk over to the NYNJTC Headquarters, where the start/finish and check-in area is. Please allow a few minutes to walk from the parking lot to the Trail Conference Headquarters.

Both races start at 10am. Check-in between 9:30am-9:45am

Our course sweepers will begin sweeping the course at 12PM. Since the course is a "lollipop" they will leave the beginning/end trail marked and start taking down ribbons where the lollipop splits.

All runners/hikers will take home a handcrafted wood medal as well as a swag item from the Squatch Shop (choice of buff, mug, car magnet, hat etc). The top 3 male and female runners will receive a handcrafted wood award from the Squatch Shop!


The race will start/finish at the New York New Jersey Trail Conference Headquarters. All runners/hikers need to park at in the main parking lot for the Reservation and then walk over to HQ using the footpath. We will have a large flag at the start of the footpath so you know which way to go. The race course is a 5.5 mile loop. 5.5 milers will complete the loop once and 11 milers will complete the loop twice. The course has 900 feet of elevation gain - this is NOT a flat course! There is a 550 ft climb over from mile 1-1.9 - so be ready for that! You will be rewarded with some great views and the rest of the course has a few more rolling hills before descending back down. If there is still snow on the trail, please come into the race expecting your mileage to be slower than usual.

From the NYNJTC Headquarters, follow the singletrack trail to the start of the Yellow Trail that will lead you over the foot bridge. Bear right to go halfway around Scarlet Oak Pond (this is the same way our Onesiefest 5K loop goes). When you get halfway around the pond, you will turn right on the Yellow Trail. Here's where the fun begins - get ready for the biggest climb of the loop. You will climb about 550 feet between mile 1 and 1.9 (woo hoo!). Your hard work will be rewarded with some awesome views along the Yellow Trail, specifically "Cactus Ledge" and "Ridge Overlook". You will stay on the Yellow Trail until you hit MacMillan Reservoir. At this junction, turn right on the Pink Trail to go around the top of the Reservoir. Your next turn will be a right on the Red Trail. Follow the Red Trail until it ends at the opposite end of the Reservoir where you will make a right on the Blue Trail which then quickly joins the Yellow Trail. Turn right on the Yellow Trail and follow it all the way back to Scarlet Oak Pond and back over the footbridge, returning to the singletrack that will take you back to the NYNJTC Headquarters. Check out the elevation profile in the picture gallery above. You can view the 5.5 mile loop on Strava using this link:


We are proud to partner with the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference! We will make a donation to the Trail Conference after the event. The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference is a volunteer-powered organization that builds, maintains, and protects public trails. Did you know that 400,000 volunteer hours over the past 5 years have gone into building and maintaining trails, monitoring invasive species, creating maps and guidebooks, and more? Yeah, that's pretty squatchtastic! Trail Conference members can receive 10% off of registration; please email for the discount code!


We want the WHOLE family to come out to our events! We have a special discount code for families registering 3 or more Squatches in the same household. Please email before you register so we can give you the code! Sassquad Trail Running is proud to offer 20% off all events to all active duty military and Veterans and Frontline Workers. Please email before you register for an event so we can provide you with a discount code. NYNJ Trail Conference members and South Mountain Conservancy members can receive 10% off of registration; please email for the discount code!


Q: Can I have a pacer?
A: Pacers are not allowed.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Sorry, but Chester has to stay at home for this race. Our liability insurance does not cover dogs at our events; thank you for understanding!

Q: Can I sign my kids up for this trail party?
A: Yes! We want the WHOLE family to come out to our events! We have a special discount code for families registering 3 or more Squatches in the same household. Please email us ( before you register so we can give you the code! Once you have the code, be sure to register your child separately and agree to the waiver for minors. And make sure to keep track of Dustin, Mike, Will and Lucas before during and after the race. We only have 1 search-party and they're already out there looking for Sasquatch.

Q: What's the weather like in Mahwah, NJ in March?
A: Friends don’t lie... It will likely be cold. High probability for snow on the trails. Probably. Maybe. It could be warm. Check the weather before the race and dress appropriately.

Q: This will be my first trail race. What do I need to know?
A: Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.

Q: No really, it is my first trail race! Any advice?
A: Seriously, we are SO EXCITED that you are choosing a Sassquad event for your first trail race! The particular trail loop has some elevation - there is about 900 ft of gain over the course of 5.5 miles. Come ready to have a great time and meet some awesome people! But also be ready to go slower than you normally would on a flat 5.5M run/hike. Take your time on the climb and enjoy the views at the top!

Q: What food will you have at the aid station?
A: Eggo Waffles, New Coke, Cherry Slurpees, corn dogs and Scoops Ahoy ice cream.

Q: Ummmm???
A: Ugh, we wish we could provide all of those foods... Instead we will have water (please BYO-cup/bottle!!) pre-packaged single-servings snacks.

Q: I could get lost in a brown paper bag. Will the course be marked?
A: We will have bright colored pink ribbons along the course and plenty at all of the turns, along with large red directional arrows..

Q: I don't want to run, are there any volunteer opportunities?
A: Yes! We always need Sassy Volunteers! Please email us at if you would like to volunteer!

Q: Are there restrooms at the start/finish area?
A: There are restrooms at the start/finish and portajohns along the very beginning of the course right before you go over the footbridge.

Q: Me and my friend aren't registered for the race, but we're still planning on coming to run. We won't eat from the aid station or take a medal or swag. This is okay, right?
A: NO THIS IS NOT OKAY. This is called being a "race bandit" and it is stealing. Not paying for a race and running the race is stealing from the race organization (even if you're not taking food or swag). Don't do this at a Sassquad trail party or ANY other race. It's not okay. And if you hear about someone else doing this, call them out. If you bandit a race, you will be banned from registering for any of our Sassquad events.


Join the Sassy Volunteer Squad! We need help with check-in, sweeping the course and cleaning up. Are you registered for a race that requires volunteer hours? We can sign-off on the hours that you log at the event! Volunteer to provide delicious food for the runners and we can sign-off on your prep time! We love our volunteer team and we are always looking to add more sassy members to the Volunteer Squad! Email us at if you'd like to volunteer!


Thank you to our friends at Sneaker Factory, NJ! Sneaker Factory supports Sassquad Trail Running on and off the trails to help make the events as squatchtastic as possible! The Sneaker Factory is NJ's source for all things running: New Jersey's oldest and most well-known running store, originally opened in Millburn in 1978. Stop by one of our three convenient neighborhood locations and let us help you find the "perfect ride for every stride." Millburn, Florham Park and Basking Ridge.


We are a community of SASQUATCH-lovin' trail runners. Our goal is to provide FUN and challenging events that welcomes runners and hikers of all ages and paces. (We like to think that) we have a good sense of humor, a full arsenal of sarcastic wit, useless trivia facts and a deep appreciation for cinematic masterpieces (as evidenced multiple times already). Join the Sassquad party and sign up for one of our events! Follow us on Instagram @sassquadtrailrunners and like us on Facebook to get all of our Squatchy updates:

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