Saturday, Jul 24, 2021

Crown of the Crest

2870 County Road 13

Fremont, NE 48hrs, 24 Hours

This Event Took Place Sat. Jul 24, 2021

Crown of the Crest

The Greater Omaha Area Trail Runnerz (GOATz) are proud to present the Crown of the Crest at Calvin Crest.

On Saturday, July 24th at 0500 hours, runners will start a loop around the 6 mile trail that finishes back at the starting line.
The time limit will expire in 90 minutes.
At 0630 hours, we will begin another loop around the trail.
We will do the same at 0800 hours, 0930 hours, and so on, every 90 minutes, until only one runner can complete a loop within the time limit.

Any runner not at the starting line for any loop, will not be eligible to continue the race.
If no single runner can complete a loop at the end, there will be no winner.
If there are two or more runners on the final loop, then the final loop will be a race to the finish to decide who will win Crown of the Crest.

This death march has the potential for runners to experience 48 glorious, and grueling, hours on the beautiful trails at Calvin Crest.
That's 32 continuous loops.
And a whopping 192 miles.
Do you have what it takes to earn the Crown of the Crest?

UPDATE: We have added the option of a 24-hour race! This option will NOT be a last runner standing event. This is simply a 24-hour race where each runner will do as many loops as possible in 24 hours as you can or wish to do.
The 24-hour race will kick off at 7am (30 minutes after the 48 hour runners begin their second loop). This is to spread the field while allowing more runners to enjoy the race!

Race Info

There will be a mandatory prerace briefing at 4:30am on race morning.

Runners will be able to pick up their bib and race bag at that time.

Drop bags are allowed. There will be an aid station located at the Start/Finish as well and an unmanned aid station on the course which runners will pass twice per loop.

We will supply water at both aid stations. Runners must provide the rest of their own personal aid.

There will be swag for all runners. The winner will be awarded the Crown of the Crest. There will also be an award for the First Place Loser.

The cap on runners for this death march is 50.

Course Info

Located just southwest of Fremont, NE, Calvin Crest is a single track loop located on the bluffs of the Platte River with a distance of approximately 6 miles.
There is an estimated 700 feet in elevation gain and 1,400 feet of max elevation.
The trail starts at the top of the bluff and rolls down and up into the center spine of cedars. Calvin Crest is like a roller coaster in some spots and has some pretty tough climbs out there. Expect switchbacks and roots as the trail can be technical in some areas during the loop. This area is very scenic and cuts through a bluff on the Platte River.


There is absolutely NO ALCOHOL allowed on the property at Calvin Crest.
Calvin Crest is an alcohol-free facility and we will respect their rules.
If ANYONE is seen with alcohol, they will be asked to leave the race entirely.
Any runner seen drinking alcohol or with alcohol will be disqualified from the race immediately.

Smoking is not allowed at Calvin Crest at any time.

No pacers are allowed for this race.

Runners must start their loop at the designated starting time with the other runners. Runners who finish before the 90 minutes have expired are not allowed to rest after the start of the next loop.
All runners will start each loop together.

Local time: 10:47 AM


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