Friday, Apr 30, 2021 @ 12:01 AM

Prairie Dress 5x5x50 Run

50 Miler, 50K, 5K

This Event Took Place Fri. Apr 30, 2021

But why tho...

Inspired by my recent 50th birthday, Goggins' 4X4X48 Challenge, and the Target Prairie Dress Challenge, the Prairie Dress 5x5x50 Run was born!

What is it?

Essentially it was kind of a silly joke and I needed something to get my run mojo back after completing DREADMILL 100 & CRAW REGION 5. But then I received so much positive feedback about this idea, I decided to make it a virtual run to raise awareness and funds for the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence. DISTANCE OPTIONS ARE 5K, 50K, OR 50MI. BUT FOR ALL DISTANCES, YOU MUST WEAR A PRAIRIE DRESS!


I bought my prairie dress at Target. It was on clearance for $14. You can also buy it online.

I hadn't thought of the prairie dress as a symbol at first, but while this run was evolving, I began to see more meaning in it. There are so many complexities when trying to understand misogyny and domestic and sexual violence, but one thing is for certain, whether we are covered from head to toe or wearing the skimpiest of outfits, women get beat, raped, killed regardless. WEARING THIS RIDICULOUS DRESS WITH NO POCKETS TO RUN 50 MILES WILL BE CHALLENGING. WE WILL BE RUNNING IN SOLIDARITY WITH WOMEN WORLDWIDE WHO ARE OPPRESSED AND CONTROLLED...WHO ARE NOT FREE.

Run Guidelines

Choose a distance. Put on your Prairie Dress. Bonnets and aprons are optional. Lolz.
If 5k, run it anytime on March 20 - 21 in your prairie dress.

If 50k, run 5k every 5 hours or less for 50k. You can choose to finish it all in one shot for this distance.

If 50mi, run 5 miles every 5 hours for a total of 50 miles and finish by 50 hours.

Upload to strava or share your Garmin/GPS data file. SELFIES and videos on the FB group are highly loved and encouraged!!!

Technically, you have a month to upload your results so you can run it anytime before then!
Happy Prairie Dress Running! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I appreciate you and all the good vibes!

Local time: 2:23 PM


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