Saturday, Apr 16, 2022
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The 100 Miler

We are stoked to have the point to point 100 Miler for 2022!! We are adding more & more info on it so you can see what's going on with it too!

Shadows of the South 100 mile / 50 mile


"The Southern Appalachian mountains cast many shadows upon untouched and unknown valleys as they abruptly are halted at the piedmont of the Carolinas. The mountains have a bluish hue about them. From the trees to the shadows cast about. My grandfather once told me that here in these mountains that you'll never see the same shadow twice. Every shadow is as unique as a finger print. The clouds dance off the mountains and dwell in the valleys at times. The views I know and love are never the same. This is a place where man is a visitor to the shadows that claim these mountains as home." - 7th generation Highlands North Carolina local.

Come run through Georgia and North Carolina during this breath taking course. This is a TRUE mountain ultra. With 14,000 ft of gain in the 50 miler and 28,000 in the 100 miler. Each race is 90% single track featuring multiple MASSIVE waterfalls, countless wide open views.


Both races start at Camp Rainey Mountain in Clayton, Georgia. 50 mile is point to point finishing in Otto, NC. 100 mile is sort of an out and back you will only repeat about 30 miles for 2022 we will likely change to point to point but with covid weirdness that couldn't happen for 2021.

This is not a course where you see one or two epic views and we sell you on that. NO! You will summit Rabun Bald, the 2nd highest point in Georgia, twice with its tower and views of 3 states. You will run some of the same course as the Sky to Summit 50k / 25k we have every November. You will also pass Holcomb Creek Falls a beautiful 200 foot waterfall. You will also go up Glen Falls Trail in Highlands North Carolina which is basically 10 different waterfalls all in 1.5 miles as you climb up it. You then will come around to have epic views on Chinquapin Mountain overlooking the undeveloped Blue Valley. You will enter private property at The Mountain RLC in
Scaly Mountain, NC. The views from rocky outcroppings as well as a tower for you to climb give you more views.
Then its back onto the Bertram Trail for views going over Scale Mountain itself. Youll be looking down into Franklin and into Georgia as you push onwards. More open views and creeks along this ridge line all the way to the 50 mile finish and the 100 mile turn around. The last 7 miles of the 50 miler you will have about 3500 ft downhill.

***This is not a TRUE out and back 100 miler as you only repeat about 30 miles. However for 2022 we will likely make this a point to point race starting in South Carolina and finishing in North Carolina via Georgia. or maybe we will finish in downtown Clayton ***

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Swag / awards

50 milers get medal and 100 milers get buckle if they finish.
All runners get a cup and or pint glass.
shirts, hoodies and hats can be purchased.

Local time: 6:39 AM

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