Saturday, Oct 16, 2021 @ 6:30 AM

Grandmaster Ultras Fall Edition

Littlefield, AZ 50 K, Marathon, 14 Miler

Registration closes: Fri, Oct 15 @ 6:00PM

Welcome Grandmaster Runners!

Welcome to the sunny Arizona strip! Come and enjoy miles of ATV trails and beautiful scenery in the desert.

Fall edition will have distance options of 14 miler, Marathon and 50K. Cutoff time will be 15 hours.

Pacers are allowed for any runners over 70 years old.

Course Preview

Fall Edition course previews are now available:



14 miler:

We will work with Neurun to add fall edition courses to the app.

Aid Stations

14 miler will have 2 aid stations, mile 5.8 and mile 10.

Marathon will 4 aid stations, mile 5.8, 10, 13.5, and 21.

50K will have 5 aid stations, mile 5.8, 10, 13.5, 19.4, and 27.

Course map

Course gpx files can be downloaded from Garmin Connect.

14 miler:



Local time: 12:25 AM
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