Saturday, Oct 2, 2021

Chernisky Ghost Town Trail-a-thon

157 County Park Road

Ebensburg, PA Marathon, Bike Event, 15 Miler, 5 K

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 2, 2021

This event is part of the 2022 Cambria County Trails Series

Come spend the day with us on the 2020 Trail of the Year in the final event of the 2022 Cambria County Trails Series! The 2022 Trail-a-thon is presented by Laurel Medical Solutions.

Friends of the Trails Members Receive $5 Off!

To receive a $5 discount on your registration fee for the Chernisky Ghost Town Trail-a-thon, become a Friend of the Trails today. Simply select the "Friends of the Trails" add-on at the end of the checkout process. Email to receive coupon code. Your 2022 tax-deductible membership donation will go towards enhancing, maintaining, and preserving the Cambria County Trails, including The Ghost Town Trail, the Path of the Flood Trail, and the Jim Mayer Riverswalk Trail.

Chernisky Ghost Town Trail-a-thon

Registrants are invited to participate in a foot/adaptive device (for disabled individuals) race on Saturday, October 1st, and/or a bicycle ride on Sunday, October 2nd.

The race consists of 3 offered distances:
- Marathon (26.2 miles) - Participants are dropped off at the starting point in Ebensburg, PA and travel the full marathon course to end at Duman Lake County Park. The course takes competitors down the recent 2 mile extension of the C & I Trail through Revloc and back to the main stem, then spans from Ebensburg to Vintondale along the GTT, right to follow the Rexis Branch/C & I Extension, then extends to the left down the recently constructed trail that connects the GTT system to Duman Lake County Park.
- 15 miler - Participants are dropped off at the starting point in Nanty Glo, PA and travel the 15-mile course to end at Duman Lake County Park. The course is the same as the marathon, but starting at a later point in Nanty Glo.
- 5k - Participants run/walk/wheel an out and back course both beginning and ending at Duman Lake County Park using the recently constructed trail which connects the Ghost Town Trail system to the park. This course is entirely crushed gravel with some pavement at the beginning/end, with a couple minor hill climbs.

Transportation will be available for participants from the finish line in Duman Lake County Park to their respective starting lines for the marathon and 15-miler. Wheelchair accessible buses will be available for disabled participants, and vans will be present to transport hand cycles as necessary.

Those registering for the bicycle ride will be invited to join in a leisurely 26 mile bike ride from Ebensburg, PA to Vintondale, PA on the Ghost Town Trail on Sunday, October 2nd. This is an unsupported ride, so please come prepared with water and snacks. Those that wish to participate in both the competitive race (Saturday) and bike ride will be able to add the bike ride to their running order at checkout for a discounted fee of $10.

A commemorative long sleeve shirt for the weekend event will be given to all registrants. All finishers of Saturday's races will receive a finishers medal. Prizes will be available for the top 3 finishers male/female for the marathon, 15-miler and 5k post-race; top 3 male/female finisher awards will be presented to Athletes with Disabilities (AWD) division for the marathon, 15-mile and 5k; awards will be given to the top 3 finishing relay teams.

Athletes with Disabilities (AWD)

The Chernisky Ghost Town Trail-a-thon is excited to be adding an Athletes with Disabilities (AWD) division this year to Saturday's events! This division is open to physically disabled and visually impaired individuals. The top 3 male/female finishers of the AWD division for the marathon, 15-miler and 5k will receive placement awards. Please be mindful of the restrictions below.

-Disabled individuals must be able to run/hike/wheel the course without support.
-ANY MODE OF TRANSPORTATION USED MUST BE NON-MOTORIZED. Limitations for the marathon and 15-miler noted below.
-Tethers may be used for individuals with a visual impairment, leg prosthetics may be used for amputees, crutches, braces or poles may be used if indicated/necessary.
-Please email the race director at to request permission to bring a guide dog if necessary. Amenities are NOT provided for dogs, and the athlete is responsible for cleaning up after the dog.
-See guide restrictions below.

Marathon and 15-miler disabled participants: Due to a single track portion of trail, these distances are restricted to racing by foot or hand cycle ONLY. The same timing restrictions for the marathon apply to this division, participants must maintain a 15 minute/mile pace. Wheelchair accessible transportation will be provided race morning. All participants meet at the finish area and are transported to their respective start lines (marathon and 15-mile only). A van will transport all hand cycles to the start lines for you, and will bring chairs back to the finish line area. A tent will be available at the finish line to retrieve your chair.

5k disabled participants: Open to ALL non-motorized adaptive equipment. This 5k course is the same as the running race 5k, it is a combination of pavement and rail trail with a handful of minor inclines, and is an out-and-back course with ample room to turn around.

Guide Restrictions
Disabled individuals are responsible for bringing their own guide if necessary. Guides are not official entrants in the Chernisky Ghost Town Trail-a-thon and are not timed, scored, or listed in the official results. In order for the guide to receive any race amenity (shirt, medal, aid station items, race timing), they must register as a participant. Guides must remain with their participant at all times. They may not use a bicycle or other mode of transportation. Guides must have GUIDE visibly posted on their outermost layer on the front and back at all times. They may not push or pull the participant at any time, and may not run ahead to aid stations to fill water bottles or otherwise unfairly advantage their participant. Guides must work with their disabled participant to ensure safety at all times, this includes communication between the participant and guide to stay out of the way when being approached by other race participants or officials on the course in order to avoid collision.

If you are a disabled person that would be interested in a scholarship to participate in this event, please email We are looking forward to expanding our participation this year to accommodate our disabled community members! Please be sure to read over each individual section of this registration page for information on transportation/scheduling/pricing etc. Any further questions can be sent to


Saturday, October 1st

5:00AM-6:00AM Day-of packet pick up available at Duman Lake County Park.
5:30AM-6:00AM Buses loading AWDs at Duman Lake County Park to drop off at Ebensburg, PA starting point.
5:45AM-6:15AM Buses loading at Duman Lake County Park to drop off at Ebensburg, PA starting point.
6:45AM AWD Marathon begins.
7:00AM Race begins.

5:00AM-7:00AM Day-of packet pick up available at Duman Lake County Park.
6:30AM-7:00AM Buses loading AWDs at Duman Lake County Park to drop off at Nanty Glo, PA starting point.
6:45AM-7:15AM Buses loading at Duman Lake County Park to drop off at Nanty Glo, PA starting point.
7:45AM AWD 15-mile begins.
8:00AM Race begins.

5:00AM-8:30AM Day-of packet pick up and day-of registration available at Duman Lake County Park.
8:45AM AWD 5k begins.
9:00AM Race begins.

Sunday, October 2nd

Bike Ride:
9:00AM-10:00AM Packet pick up (if you already received a shirt before participating in the running race, you do not need to arrive early to receive a shirt here. One shirt is given for the entire event.)
10:00AM Casual group ride from Ebensburg, PA to Vintondale, PA begins.

Participants of the bike ride may choose to begin their ride at their leisure. We are simply promoting you enjoy the trail this day!


Proceeds from the Chernisky Ghost Town Trail-a-thon will benefit the enhancement and expansion of the Cambria County Trails and the Cambria County Firefighters Training Facility.

Registration Fees


*All pre-registered participants are guaranteed a long sleeve t-shirt. One shirt design is being made for this event, so whether you do the race or bike, or both, you receive ONE shirt. All finishers of the race on October 1st will receive a finisher's medal. Shirts and bibs for the running race must be picked up at packet pick-up.

Online store will be open until October 9th for additional purchase of event jackets and knit hats. All orders will be processed and mailed after October 9th:

WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS. If you are no longer able to attend and have already registered, your registration fee will be used as a donation to the trails and firefighter's training facility.

Athletes with Disabilities division pricing is the same as other divisions, but please be sure to register accordingly so we can keep track for transportation planning as necessary.

All youth entries for ages 17 and under are FREE thanks to a donation by the 1889 Foundation.

Until July 1 (Early Bird)
$85.00 - Marathon
$220.00 - Marathon Relay (4 runners)
$55 - 15 miler
$30 - 5k
$20 - Bike Ride ONLY
*participants may add on the bike ride from their race registration at checkout for a $10.00 add-on fee.
Until September 1st
$90 - Marathon
$240.00 - Marathon Relay (4 runners)
$60 - 15-miler
$35 - 5k
$25 - Bike Ride ONLY
*participants may add on the bike ride from their race registration at checkout for a $10.00 add-on fee.
Until September 16th (REGISTRATION DEADLINE)
$95 - Marathon
$260.00 - Marathon Relay (4 runners)
$65 - 15-miler
$40 - 5k
$30 - Bike Ride ONLY
*participants may add on the bike ride from their race registration at checkout for a $10.00 add-on fee.
Same-day registration available for the 5k and Athletes with Disabilities 5k ONLY on Saturday, October 1st from 5:00AM-8:30AM. Shirts are not guaranteed. Same-day registration fee is $45.

Packet Pick-Up

Packet pick-up will be Friday, September 30th from 1:00PM to 7:00PM at the Up-N-Running store in Ebensburg, PA. Participants of the competitive race and bicycling events are encouraged to pick up their packets at this time.

208 W. High St.
Ebensburg, PA 15931

Aid Stations for Saturday's Race

First aid and EMS will be available at multiple points along the trail. Your safety is our number one priority.

*AID STATION LOCATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE pending construction of a 3-mile segment of trail that is intended to be used for this course. An update will be provided as soon as details are finalized. Adequate stops will be available.

There will be 4 full aid stations, equipped with water, Gatorade, and fruit spaced out along the course. Energy gels will be provided with race packets. There will be 3 water-only stations placed along the course as well. ADA compliant restrooms are available at various aid stations, spaced out accordingly for participant need.

The following aid stations are listed by mileage of the full marathon. 15-milers begin at mile 11.5 on the list.

Mile 3.5 - C & I Ext. Beulah - WATER ONLY
Mile 7 - Beulah Road - FULL STATION
Mile 11.5 - Nanty Glo Firehall - FULL STATION
Mile 13 - Twin Rocks - WATER ONLY
Mile 16.5 - Vintondale - FULL STATION
Mile 21 - Vic Miller Road - FULL STATION
Mile 25 - Duman Lake/C & I Trail - WATER ONLY *this is the only water stop the 5k will have.

Start/Finish Lines

Ample parking is available at all beginning/ending points for the race and bicycling events. If you are participating in the marathon or 15-miler and wish to transport yourself to/from the start and finish lines, please email so we can reserve an appropriate amount of buses.

Morning bus pick up per schedule above:
Duman Lake County Park
157 County Park Road, Ebensburg, PA

Individual Starting Areas by Distance/Event:
Marathon: Young People's Community Center (YPCC), 300 Prave Street, Ebensburg, PA
15-miler: Nanty Glo Firehall, 870 Chestnut Street, Nanty Glo, PA
5k: Duman Lake County Park, 157 County Park Road, Ebensburg, PA

Finish for ALL Race Day Events:
Duman Lake County Park, 157 County Park Road, Ebensburg, PA

Bicycle Ride:
Begin and end at the Ebensburg Trail head, YPCC, 300 Prave Street, Ebensburg, PA

Restroom Locations

Six restroom facility locations will be available along the entire trail at the following locations.
*Mileages below are based off of the marathon from Ebensburg (Mile 0) to Duman Lake County Park (26.2).

Mile 0 - YPCC in Ebensburg
Mile 7 - Beulah
Mile 11.5 - Nanty Glo Ball Park and Firehall
Mile 16.5 - Vintondale
Mile 21 - Vic Miller Road
Mile 26.2 - FINISH at Duman Lake County Park

All facilities are ADA compliant.

Timing, Results and Photos

The running portion of the Chernisky Ghost Town Trail-a-thon will be officially timed via chipped bibs through Falcon Race Timing. Marathon participants will have a start mat at the starting line in Ebensburg, the 15-miler and 5k will start as a "gun" start. Relay teams will not have mats at each relay point, they will be timed as one collective group. Results will be posted at the park as they are received, and will be shared to participants via email by the next day.

Marathon Pace Restrictions

There is a 15 minute/mile pace limit for participants of the marathon in all divisions. If you are unable to maintain this pace, you will be offered a ride to the finish area. You may continue to participate in your distance, but aid stations may not be available if your pace is less than this requirement.

In the works...

The Ghost Town Trail is always growing, and this year an additional 3 miles are being constructed along the C & I Extension (a portion of the marathon uses this section). While we cannot begin the process of Boston Certification until the trail expansion is complete, our goal is to have this course certified as soon as possible. Once certified, it will be announced on this page as well as our local news media outlets.

2022 Cambria County Trails Series

Proceeds of the 2022 Cambria County Trails Series benefit the Friends of the Trails program, which exists to enhance and expand the Cambria County Trails. For details and to register, visit

May 28, 2022 - Path of the Flood Historic Races
June 18, 2022 - Ghost Town Trail Challenge
September 3, 2022 - Jim Mayer Trail 5k/10k
October 1-2, 2022 - Chernisky Ghost Town Trail-a-thon

Local time: 11:42 AM


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