Friday, Jul 23, 2021

La Nuit

7171 Mountain Creek Pkwy

Dallas, TX 10K, 9hrs, 9 Hour Relay, 6hrs, 5K, 3hrs, 1 Miler

This Event Took Place Fri. Jul 23, 2021

Race Information

Online registration is closed. But we do have walk up registration starting at 5:45pm. Be sure to arrive at least one hour prior to your race. Hope to see you there!

6:45 PM 5k, 10k
7:00 PM 1 Mile Sunset Stroll
7:30 PM 3 Hour, 6 Hour, 9 Hour, 9 Hour Relay

La Nuit Trail Run (The Night, in French)

Trail Races:

Where: Cedar Ridge Preserve, 7171 Mountain Creek Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75249
When: Friday Evening- Sat. Morning, July 23-24, 2021
Time and Cost:
6:45 PM 5k ($35); 10k ($45)
7:00 PM 1M ($20)
7:30 PM 3 Hour ($70), 6 Hour ($80), 9 Hour ($90), 9 Hour Relay ($270)
*You need to sign up before July 15, 2021 to be able to order a t-shirt.

How the 3, 6, and 9 Hour Races Go:
All Hour Races follow the same 3.2 mile loop as many times as they can for their particular race. The one with the most loops at the fastest time is the overall winner.
* All hour runners must start their last loop 20 minutes before their cut off time- and yes, they must finish that loop. Runners cannot end their last loop before the last 20 minutes of the race.

5k and 10 k runners will run the same loop as the hour runners.

Restrooms are located at the start/finish line. For the 9 Hour 3 person Relay race, each person is required to run their portion of the race as they alternate with the other runners each loop.
Aid Stations:
There will be one main aid station at the start/finish line. It will have water, gatorade, pickle juice, pickles, chips, P&J sandwiches; bananas, oranges, chocolates, and other snacks. We will also have some breakfast food items for runners to eat through the night. We will have a small additional aid table for water at the half way mark.

"PACKET PICK UP will be at The Runner in Arlington on Wednesday and Thursday, July 21 and 22. Packet Pick up will also be at the run on Friday, July 23th, starting at 5:45 pm.

All proceeds benefit Equip Disciples, a 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit organization in Texas. They host discipleship training conferences for remote Bible study leaders in DR Congo, Rwanda, and the rainforests of Costa Rica. Proceeds from this race provide for our international staff support and scholarships for Bible study leaders who work in dark, challenging places, to attend our training conferences.

This is a tough little race, and comes with some bragging rights! Hope you will join us!

Concerning CoVid-19 and La Nuit

We will be practicing local standards for CoVid spread prevention, including common sense social distancing, face masks when appropriate- anytime you are closer than 3-6 feet from someone at the aid stations or finish line area, in the restrooms. Using hand sanitizer before refilling your water bottle. And no one should come to the race if they are feeling ill or have fever, dry cough, sore throat, stomach bugs, or heavy unusual fatigue. If you have to miss the race due to CoVid, we will allow you to register for our next race for free.


1 Mile: Headband
5k and 10k:
1st Overall male and female
1st Masters (40-59) male and female
1st Grand Master (60 & up) male and female
1st and 2nd by age category and male and female:

3, 6, and 9 Hour Races
Overall male and female
Masters male and female
Finishers Medals for all who finish their race. 9 Hour Relay, 1st and 2nd place and finishers medals.
9 Hour Relay
1st and 2nd place teams will receive medals, and all others will receive relay finishers medals.

Course Descriptions

La Nuit is a moderate to difficult trail race due to the terrian. The trails have a variety of tracks ranging from straight up to switch back, straight down with some twists and turns, and then to flat and steady ups and downs. Runners traverse through forested areas, around a pond, and some grass land type areas. Many of the trails have steps made of rock or wood beams, and the trails consist of rock, mulch, dirt, and small gravel. This is the perfect park for night running, with all trails within a mile or two of the starting line. The trails are well marked with reflective signs and ropes, and the same 3.5 mile loop is repeated through the night so runners do get familiar with the route-it is a strenuous one! I think the greatest number of miles ran in our 9 hour has been around 40 miles.

3.2 Mile Loop Description:
After a brief section of wide trail at the start, the loop starts down the Cattail Pond Trail-which is mostly an easy going trail downward to the upward turning and climbing starcases of Fossil Valley Trail and the beautiful Trout Lilly Trail (very fun to run downhill!- but you will be going uphill!), and then down and around to Cattail Pond. From there, you head up that trail with a gentle uphill to Red Oak Trail- a beautiful wooded short but technical trail to meet up with the Escarpment Trail. This trail is wider and uphill all the way to Mulberry Trail. Mulberry connects to the restful Prairie Trail which brings you back to the finish/start all over again. This whole section of trails is about 3.2 miles. All final loops must begin before the cut off time for their race ends. Winners are determined by the number of loops ran in the shortest amount of time. Everyone who finishes the 3, 6, or 9 hour races receive a finisher's medal. But the runners need to be running loops through out their time period. They are allowed to rest when needed.
9 Hour Relay
Each relay team will have 3 runners. Runner 1 runs the 3.2 mile loop, then hands off the chip timer to Runner 2. Runner 2 runs the 3.2 mile loop and hands off the chip timer to Runner 3. Runner 3 runs the 3.2 mile loop and then hands to chip timer back to number 1 again. And repeat. The fastest 2 teams with the most loops in the shortest amount of time following the cut off time, wins 1st and 2nd place repectively. Last loop must begin before the cut off time ends.

One Mile Hike-n-Run
Walkers will begin at the starting line, and follow the trail around to meet the Bluebonnet trail, take part of Mulberry Trail, and then back around to the finish. This trail is about .9 miles, and if the timing is right, provides the perfect spot to view the sunset. Bluebonnet is one of the more gentle trails through the woods and lookout areas. Great for an evening strole!


*do not come to the park if you feel sick or have a fever.
*Please respect the nature preserve and do not leave any trash on the trails or in the area.

*Stay on the trails, in fact, since this is a night run, please stay on the trails marked for the run so that you do not get lost. Even if you are familiar with the park, we are using the park in the afterhours, and we want to know where everyone is basically located. Anyone cutting the trail short or going off trail is subject to DQ.

*No dogs, strollers, bikes allowed on trails.

*Trekking poles are allowed.

*This is a cupless run, so bring a sport bottle, or collapsable cup, or camel back and you can refill at the aide stations. There will be both water and Gatorade at the aide station. Snacks at aide the station will include goldfish, wheat thins, pickles, bananas, and oranges. Be sure to hydrate before you run and eat something light. Save our heavy food for after the run!

*Watch out for fellow runners. Some of the trails are narrow, and some are wide. Use trail running etiquette.

*Entry fees are non-refundable, including the event of inclement weather. These trails do not close due to rain or wet trails, only if there is torrential and flooding rains, or bad thunder storms at the time of the race. If the storm is short lived, the event will be paused until it has passed.

*Entries cannot be rolled to another year.

*Event shirts not picked up on race day will not be mailed.

*Runners should have an id on them at all times, and bring their cell phones if they have them. Wear running shoes with grip if you have them.
*All runners will be required to wear a cooling bandana or fandana to raise over their nose and mouth while passing another runner or going into the restrooms.

*No alcohol or drugs permitted. *No one can change their race once the race begins. *You must run the designated course with no cheating or alternative routes, or you may receive a DQ.

Local time: 2:21 AM


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