Saturday, Jun 19, 2021 @ 8:00 AM

Hunting Solstice Ultra

hunting island state park, sc

Hunting Island State Park, SC 53 Miler, 30 Miler, 15 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 19, 2021

Hunting Solstice Ultra

Run 4 a Reason|Rough Runners is hosting Hunting Solstice, a challenging ultra race where runners run a 7.7 mile course through pine and oak forest trails as well as a traverse through a beach covered in tree cadevers. This is a summer race and bound to be hot and humid. The terrain may prove to be quite challenging as some of the course is single track with abrupt elevation changes.The beach section is especially challenging at high tide. Ropes will be tied to the tree cadavers the entire length of the beach course as a guide and for security as the runners navigate waters that may be chest deep at high tide.

Runners will now claim their medals at the finish line.
Runners registration covers runner's park entrance and lighthouse access. For lighthouse visitation runners must make a reservation with the state park for access. Park entrance and lighthouse access is just for the day of the race.

Course logistics: runners will run trails, beach and roads within the park

Runners must run on the outside of the streets in order to be seen by car drivers.

For the beach section (roughly one third of a mile), ropes will be tied from tree to tree as a guide through the course. The ropes will be especially useful if the tide is high as it may be chest deep (4 to 5 feet deep). Life preservers will be available for runners that do not feel comfortable crossing due to high tide. They may leave their life preservers at the end of the beach section.

Trails the runners will run on are named: Rattle snake trail. Maritime trail, Lagoon trail. There are connector trails they will run too.

Aid stations: there will be two full aid stations. One at the start|finish. The other located on the gravel path between the Maritime and Lagoon trails.

There will be water stations (additional to the two aid stations).

Runners have 13 hours to complete either race.

Local time: 7:39 AM


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