Monday, Sep 6, 2021
Registration closes: Mon, Sep 6 @ 11:59PM

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The Lost Forester Adventure Runs provide community and visiting runners a choice of one challenging and two family friendly trail runs on Labor Day morning and a fund raiser for the Blue House Orphanage for 30 girls in Kazoo, Uganda. The runs are the Lost Forester, an off and on-trail run of between 8 and 10 miles, and the Pine Valley Blue House - Its only a Hill Runs, trail runs of either 5.5 or 11K.

The Lost Forester Adventure Run is designed to be challenging. It will take over twice as long as a street run of the same distance. It is between 8 and 10 miles on trail and off-trail up and down the steepest hills, through swamps, creeks, and dense woods in Pine Valley and surrounding area in search of the Lost Forester. The route is an off-trail ribbon line until the runners find the Lost Forester, who will provide a map and directions to return to the finish. The runners will choose their own way back to the finish. Runners will be self-supporting the whole distance, bring their own water, gels, and compass. For safety a compass is required for all participants. Long sleeve shirts, pants, and sturdy shoes are highly recommended.

The Pine Valley Blue House - Its only a hill - runs are two trail races, a 5.5K and an 11K over the ski trail that runs through Pine Valley’s scenic pines and hardwoods. The 5.5K run is one loop of the Pine Valley ski tails while the 11K uses the ski and mountain bike trails.

Your participation in these races help girls and young women grow in a safe, caring environment, and receive more education. With the support form Blue House, they can become independent adults, with a chance to beat the poverty that they faced as young, vulnerable children and orphans.


The Lost Forester calming hanging ribbons to follow. But it is deceiving as you will never catch the Lost Forester until he stops.

Local time: 5:13 PM


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