Saturday, Aug 28, 2021 @ 8:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 28, 2021

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All participants will be refunded.

Race Details

Revolution Running Company presents the end of the summer Battle @ the Mill! This unique race format is like no other and will have everyone battling to stay in the race. We are limiting the race to 100 runners in order to give all runners a chance to stay in the race. There are six rounds of races and only the fastest from each round make it to the next round. The first race will be a 3.5 mile race and only the top 32 runners from that race make it to the next round. The second race will be a 2 mile race and only the top 16 will make it to the next race. The third race will be a 1 mile race and 8 will move on from that race. Race number four is also a 3.5 race and 4 will move on to the next race. Race number five is 2 mile race and 2 will move on for the last 1 mile race for the win! There will be a few different race courses set up for each distance and it will be a 95% trail and a little crushed gravel for the rest. There are incentives to make it through to each round! All registered runners will receive a t-shirt but the top 32 will receive a beach towel, the top 16 will receive a growler, the top 8 will get a unique RR hat, the top 4 will get a gift card, the top 2 will get a shirt, and the winner receives $150. Each race will start 10 minutes after the last qualified runner for the next race finishes. Proceeds for this event will go toward scholarships for youth camps at Browns Mill Park.


3.5 mile:
2 mile:
1 mile:

Local time: 12:38 AM
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