Saturday, Jun 12, 2021 @ 9:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 12, 2021

What in the H-E-double hockey sticks?

Mountain bikers refer to this trail loop as "The 666" because it's 6.66 miles of challenging rocks, roots, and rolling hills (550 feet of climbing per lap). The loop consists mainly of singletrack with a sprinkling of double-track and dirt road.

We'll give you 400 minutes (that's 6.66 hours) to complete as many laps as you dare. The race will start at 9am, and you must be out on your final lap by the 6 hour mark (3pm) for your last lap to count.


We'll setup a start/finish area just off the intersection of Arcadia Rd. and Teft Hill Trail.

Parking will be across the street at Browning Mill Pond. Please plan to bring whatever you need to the start finish area because you won't want to have to cross the street to visit your car mid-race. We'll have some extra tents and tables set up for your use.

Aid stations:
1. At the start finish area.
2. About 4.2 miles from the start (near where Route 3 crosses under I-95 on the map)
Supplied with water, electrolyte drink (TBD soon), coke, and snacks (salty, sweet, and bland). If there's something you MUST have at both aid stations, then please either carry it yourself or bring enough to share. This race is cupless - bring something to drink out of - bottle, bladder, cup, or all of the above.

Here's the loop:


Q: Hi-So technically then finishing 4 loop is considered an ultra since it's a tad over a marathon? Do you pull people of the course is it's 410 minutes or how does it work?”

A: It should be a touch over a marathon distance at 4 laps. 

400 minutes is ~6 hours and 40 minutes, so Anyone who comes through the start/finish before the 6 hour mark can go back out for a final lap (which means they could, and probably will, be out for another hour or more). Anyone who comes through after the 6 hour mark and continues on course will not have those excess laps counted towards the overall race ranking, but I certainly won’t hold anyone back from trying to reach a personal mileage goal. Just keep in mind that the aid stations will close after the final racers go through (so if someone wants to go for another lap after the 6 hour cutoff, they should bring the food/water they need. 

Q: So basically this means that technically you have to finish 19.98 miles before 6 hours -(3 loops before or at the 6 hour mark)?

A: Well, technically you only have to complete 1 lap to finish, but the goal is to be starting a final lap before the 6 hour mark if you want to get in multiple laps (more miles).

Local time: 5:58 PM


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