Saturday, Nov 20, 2021 @ 8:00 AM

Backyard Ultra - Summit Trail Racing

2200 Manzano Mile

Marble Falls, TX 4.16667 Loop - Every Hour - Last Person Standing

This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 20, 2021

The Details!

Summit Trail Racing is excited to host the Backyard Ultra - Last Person Standing trail race to kick off the Thanksgiving holiday. From the brain of Lazarus Lake, participants will run a 4.1667 mile loop every hour till there is only one person standing. Run it fast, run it slow, run it how you want. You just have to be back in the starting area before the next loop starts! This is an officially sanctioned Backyard Ultra. The number of loops you complete will count towards an at-large bid for Big Dogs Backyard Ultra World Championship 2022! Runners get our signature Seeking Summit Boco Performance Trail Hat along with other fun race swag! The winner gets the Summit Cowbell Trophy and $100 cash!


Be back to the start line in 60 minutes (minimum 14:23 min/mile pace).

We will give you a 2 minute and 1 minute warning to get lined up for the next loop.

Crew access is available at the start/finish. We will provide Cold Water, Tailwind and lots of race snacks to keep you going throughout the day! There is plenty of room to set up for your racer. Tents are allowed.

No pacers whatsoever.

We will provide aid at the start/finish (water, ice, and orange-flavored-Tailwind, race snacks).

To win, you must be the only person left standing, the last runner.


Marble Falls, TX. The day loop is a beautiful 2.08 trail. Flat and Wide. Two laps is a "loop". The night loop is a combination of trail and road to keep things interesting and moving!
*45 Minutes West of Austin...

*1:15 Hours North of San Antonio

*3:00 Hours South of Dallas
Cost: $85

10% of each registration goes to support the Marble Falls High School cross country team!

Local time: 8:35 AM


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