Saturday, Nov 6, 2021

Shut-In Ridge Run

Asheville Arboretum

Asheville, NC 18 Miler, Virtual Edition

This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 6, 2021

Virtual Edition Option

Due to many requests, we are offering a virtual option for 2021 in addition to the regular "in-person" format. Those participating in the virtual option will have the opportunity to complete the course during the provided window: October 22nd - November 5th. Unlike the in-person event, there will be no time cut-offs for the virtual option. Participants will get a long sleeve shirt, though it will not say "Finisher". They will also not receive any of the additional swag.

Race Day

The 2021 edition of the Shut-In Ridge Trail Run will be held on Saturday November 6th. The race begins at 10:00am. This year's race will be in-person.


Registrants will receive race swag, including a Finishers shirt if they complete the course within the allotted time.

Cut-Off Times

The Course


Due to high demand for this race, interested runners must enter the lottery for a chance at entry into this race. There is a two-week window, beginning at 12:00am on August 18 and ending at 11:59pm on September 1, during which runners can enter for a chance at entry. Runners with 8 or more Finishes and/or 5 consecutive Finishes get guaranteed entry.

The race is capped at 225 participants. Once this cap is reached participants will be added to the waitlist based on the time that they registered for the lottery. Those that register for the lottery sooner will be higher up on the waitlist.

Current-Course Records:
Women - CHERI ROSENBLATT - 2:41:24
Men - SHILOH MIELKE - 2:16:55


The origins of the Shut In race date back to December 13, 1980, when some 64 intrepid men and women assembled to clamor over rocks, roots, and fallen leaves as they followed the trail of the same name originally blazed by George Vanderbilt that led from his home, Biltmore, to his hunting lodge up on Mount Pisgah. Runners have continued that tradition now for 40 years, making Shut In one of the oldest continuous-running races in the region. This year will be the 42nd running of the event.

Aid Stations

There is an aid station at Bent Creek Gap Road (approx halfway point) with water.

Support Crew

As with past years, participants are allowed to receive aid from their crew at any of the points where the course intersects the Blue Ridge Parkway.

When you park along the parkway, all four wheels must be off the parkway. If you don't park in this manner, a large fine may be incurred from the park service. DO not direct or stop traffic on the parkway. runners must always yield to cars. Parking for the race is at the lower lot at Mt. Pisgah and a lot 1/4 mile down the parkway from the Mt. Pisgah turn off. You can also park along the road leading up to the finish line and the parkway itself. Runners are responsible for their own transport back after the race.

Local time: 1:51 PM


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