Registration Opens Wed. Mar 9, 2022 @ 12:00 AM ET

Why an orienteering challenge?

This orienteering challenge is designed to build your confidence, and skill, at finding control points (CP’s) with a route of your own making. You will be provided with a map and clue sheet with approximately 20 CP’s to find. We try to make the challenge possible for all participants. Participate as a solo, a pair or a team – everyone registers individually.

New for 2022. There will be two maps. One map is more first timer friendly. The second map is for more experienced orienteers. You decide at the start line which map you take.

Not participated in an orienteering challenge before? Think of this activity as a seek and find in the woods with a few controlled variables. For instance, you will be given boundaries (typically trails) and we note on the map a couple of “reset” locations (think trail junctions or an obvious landscape feature).

You have UP TO FIVE HOURS to find as many control points as possible using map and compass. You choose how many control points, and the course you want to follow, while also managing time. Returning to the finish line after your scheduled finish time results in a deduction of points.

What is a ROGAINE Race?

ROGAINE = Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance

We think of these as orienteering challenges ... more fun and practice ... less stress than a "race".

It does not have to be rugged. It does not have to be an endurance event. But, it can be both. The challenge is an activity of cross-country navigation involving both route planning and navigation using a map and compass to reach check points (CP’s). Part of the challenge is the actual planning of a route, following the intended route, finding the CP’s and returning to the start/finish line by the prescribed time. Each CP is worth points. For instance, if a CP is numbered 32 it is worth 32 points.

Teamwork, effort, competition (often with self) and an appreciation for the natural environment are features of the sport. More importantly, individuals, even first timers, learn more about map interpretation and reading the landscape and about trusting the use of their compass to reach a destination. This, as a positive consequence, makes for safer recreationalists and more confident recreationalists in an often rarely used “hard” skill of outdoor practice.

Things to Know

* This is not an event with prizes, awards and t-shirts. You will get a goodie bag at registration but not all the other stuff that increases your participation cost. Basically, we try to keep the cost at a minimum and that means limited swag.
* This is a rain or shine event.
* We must adhere to any local/state/federal mandates, including social distancing perimeters and recommended mask recommendations.
* All participants must sign our COVID release and general release form on site, day of challenge.
* This offering has a limit of 50 participants.
* The challenge has a staggered start with ten participants permitted per tier.
* CP's must not be moved.
* Adherence to Leave No Trace guidelines are what allow us to continue these offerings.
* Plan to be self-sufficient. Understand you might have moments of frustration and you will be excited when you find each CP.
* First, be safe. Second, have fun!

Start Times

START times are: 8 am, 8:30 am, 9 am, 9:30 am and 10 am. You MUST arrive one half hour prior to the start time to check-in.

For example: If you are registered for an 8 am start. Arrive at 7:30 am to check-in. Receive final instructions, map and clue sheet at 7:45 am. Prompt start at 8 am.

What to bring

This is an orienteering challenging so bring a compass, a writing utensil and your day pack with the 10 Essentials – there will be no cached water on the course. You will be better served if your compass is set to the proper declination - 14-degrees West.

Start/Finish Line

The start and finish line at the Osmore Pond Pavilion in the New Discovery State Park. Please carpool if possible. From Groton, go 2 miles west on U.S. 302, then 9.5 miles NW on VT 232.

Official Park Address: 4239 Vt. Rt. 232, Marshfield, VT 05658.

You will be required to show your race registration for entry into the state park; the $4 entry fee is included in your price. Any individuals riding with you who have not registered must pay the $4 state park entrance fee.

Local time: 9:47 PM


Start Times

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