September 16 - 17, 2022

Marji Gesick

Forestville Campground

Ishpeming, MI MG100, MARJI CAMP , MG50

Registration closes: Mon, Aug 1 @ 5:00PM

A race you never heard of... a race you'll never forget

Welcome to Marquette County.

“The hardest single-day mountain bike event in the country.” – Jeremiah Bishop, 2017 & 2028 Marji Gesick 100 Winner, Canyon Topeak Factory Racing, former US National Champion of Short Track and Marathon mountain biking divisions, 16-time member of the USA Cycling National Team.

Da Marji, as referred to by locals, will fool you. Do your homework. Believe the stories. Prepare. Marquette County trails are littered with rocks, roots, and punchy climb after punchy climb hammering you into submission. In 2017 our DNF rate ran near 70% as unseasonably hot September weather melted the field. Weather in the U.P. can be defined as unpredictable. We encourage you to prepare for everything from a repeat of last year to the possibility of all-day rain or even flurries. Not kidding.

Self-Supported Ethos

You will be self-supported. There are no race operated aid stations. We will sign the course; however, signs fall down, people pull them down, bears eat them. You must be prepared to fend for yourself. Road rules apply. You will not find happy, smiling volunteers stopping traffic and waving your through – anywhere. You are on your own. If you finish expect to finish after dark. In the event of an emergency call 911. In recent years our community has developed a reputation for supporting Marji Gesick racers with “pop-up” aid stations. We are extremely lucky to live in an area where people care so much about other people. Our race team would like to share this word of caution: Pop-up aid stations are not operated by the race. They have no obligation to be there. There is no guarantee they will be in the same place this year or anywhere at all. We cannot stress enough – You are self-supported.


The Marji Gesick is a Self-Supported event. Aid stations are not offered. GPS is required. Road Rules Apply. In an emergency call 911. The Marji Gesick is intentionally designed to challenge your mind and body. We guarantee, at some point, you will Blame Danny and Todd. Our motto is #findyourlimits, if you're not comfortable doing so, do not sign up.



If you have questions... contact Todd at 906-748-0034 or

Local time: 3:46 AM


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