January 29 - June 18, 2022

White Tail Ultra Series Pass

Multiple Locations

Fredericktown, OH 4 Race Series Pass, 3 Race Series

Registration Closed Thu. Mar 10, 2022 @ 12:00 AM

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The White Tail Ultra Series will be made up of four different events, exposing the varied terrain Ohio has to offer. The Ultra series will include a mixture of timed and distance events, as long as 15 Hours to traditional ultra lengths of 50K-50 miles. The Ultra events will be held at a mixture of venues, including a private residence in Mt. Vernon, Ohio as well as Deer Creek State Park in Ohio.

The divisions within the series will be scored per event, per finish and all who participate will be working towards a series finisher goal. Not only the quickest, will take home top prizes, but anyone who finishes the series will be acknowledged for the grand accomplishment.

Join the White Tail Ultra Series for 2022 to test your mental and physical resolve, while sharing the trails and exploring the undeniably beautiful scenery that the Ohio State parks have to offer.

White Tail Ultra Trail Series Points System

2022 Event Schedule

Jan 29 – Frigid 50K (Hord Family Farm in Mt. Vernon, OH)

Jun 18 – Wood Splitter Summer Solstice: 15 Hour (Hord Family Farm in Mt. Vernon, OH)

Sep 24 – Flannel 50 Miler (Deer Creek State Park)

Dec 17 – Wood Splitter Winter Solstice: 9 Hour(Hord Family Farm in Mt. Vernon, OH)

Full Series Details (Maps, Format, etc.)


This Registration is a pass to be a participant in 3 or 4 White Tail Ultra events, in 2022 (Depending on which pass is purchased).

What you get for signing up for the Series:
- Registration spot at each of the 4 White Tail Ultra events
- The Frigid (Distance Registered - 50K)
- Wood Splitter Summer Solstice (Distance Registered - 15 Hour)
- Flannel 50 (Distance Registered - 50 Miler)
- Wood Splitter Winter Solstice (Distance Registered - 9 Hour)
- White Tail Ultra Series T-Shirt
- BASE Performance Sampler Pack
- White Tail Ultra Series silicone band
- 1 pair of MudGear 1/4 Crew socks

(Performance Packs will ship at a variety of times, based on when ordering occurs. The earliest shipment will currently be in early February)

Local time: 11:13 PM

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