Saturday, Oct 15, 2022 @ 8:00 AM

Vertical Mile - Utah

1420 E 300 N

Provo, UT 14 Miler - 6450 ft Gain

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 15, 2022

A continuous, single vertical mile to the summit of Provo Peak at 11,068’.

You’ll start at 4,589’ above sea level in Provo, UT and climb to the summit of Provo Peak at 11,068’ — a net climb of 6,479’ in a single push. Start doing those hill repeats.


The inaugural race will be $80.00. We will not increase the price as the race approaches. If the cost presents a challenge for you, please email us to explore alternatives. We want to make the race as accessible as possible.


The race is capped at 150 runners. We will set up a waitlist, if need be.

Aid Stations

The event has four aid stations, including the finish. We will not, however, have food or water at the summit of Provo Peak but will record your bib number and time.

Cutoffs - The race concludes with an eight-hour cutoff at the finish line. Eight hours should be plenty of time for runners and casual hikers alike. (Keep in mind, since the cutoff is only at the finish, you could start the event, cover the full distance, but finish after the cutoff — we’ll keep the finish line open until everyone makes it back!)

Food Options - Rock Canyon 1, Rock Canyon 2 and the Finish will have an assortment of “quick” sweet and salty foods — chips, pickles, cookies, bananas, gummy bears, PB&Js, potatoes, etc. If you have significant dietary restrictions, PLEASE pack your own food in a backpack. While we do our best to accommodate a range of appetites and diets, we simply cannot meet everyone’s needs.

Event's current local time: 11:32 PM MT


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