Saturday, Dec 3, 2022

Unico 100M - 100K - 50K

1505 Summerlin Dairy Road

Wingate, NC 100 Miler, 100K, 50K, 4 Mile Fun Run

This Event Took Place Sat. Dec 3, 2022

Unico 100M - 100K - 50K

Hello all you Misfits and Monsters!

You must have a touch of the crazy in you for looking into this race. And you know what? That's what we like about you already.

Come join us out in Wingate, NC as we give runners like you the chance to crush their distance goals. This 4 mile loop course will let you pace out your effort over an easy terrain of wide trails and grass fields. If you are looking to go for your first buckle, we will be there with you the whole 30 hours to make sure we get you across the finish line. No 100 miler is easy, but we are intent on handing out as many buckles as we can to runners who come out and give their all for the finish line. And as an added bonus to make your journey easier, we will have ample room for camping out and setting up your own aid station under a canopy at the Start/Finish line!

Not ready for the 100 Miler? No worries. Come crush the 100k (64 miles-16 loops) or 50k (32 miles-8 loops) course and get a feel for the course so you can come back next year and conquer it all. You'll have a 29 and 28 hour time limit respectively to complete your race, so if you've ever been held back from an ultra distance for fear of time, this is your race!! We'll also be putting on a free 4 mile fun run that your friends and family can have some fun with. This single loop will be free of charge for them to register for.

This course is not designed to break you. It is a rolling trail system with only a few hundred feet of elevation per loop. The elevation will begin to add up, and your legs will begin to hurt over time, but you can finish this race!

Aid Stations: There will be the main aid station at the Start/Finish Line for the race, as well as an on course aid station so runners can go out light without worrying about being loaded down with too much gear.

Swag: All 100 mile runners will receive a nice hoodie, and all 100k and 50k runners will receive a beautiful longsleeve shirt with their entry. The 4 mile run event does not come with a shirt. One can be purchased the day of the event from the stock we have on hand.

Finisher awards: 100M runners will receive the ever coveted belt buckle. 100k and 50k runners will take home a sweet medal to hang with the others you've undoubtedly collected. There will be no award for the 4 mile fun run.

Top 3 Awards: We have something special in store for the top 3's, and will be releasing more info once the pictures are available.

Event's current local time: 4:47 PM ET


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