Saturday, Apr 23, 2022

For Those Who Would: Last Person Left

Eastern KY University

Richmond, KY Last Person Left, 4 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 23, 2022

Race Information

Can you run a roughly 3.67-mile loop of gently rolling farmland in an hour?
Can you do it again in 57 minutes?
How about a third time in 55 minutes or a fourth time in 52 minutes?
A fifth lap in 51 minutes? A 6th in 50 minutes
This version of a last person left race has a shrinking clock! Every lap the time to complete it gets a little shorter, until the time bottoms out at a yet-to-be determined point around 45 minutes.
The For Those Who Would Last Person Left race is a unique event allowing you to rack up ultramarathon miles with the opportunity to take a break and sit or lie down for a few minutes every loop…….if you’re fast enough. It is ideal for runners who want a low-key atmosphere to run long distances, as well as the highly competitive runners who revel in the grit and guts of pushing their limits. We expect most ultra-runners should be able to complete a minimum of 50K.

All participants will begin the first loop at the top of the hour. Those who are back to the start line within the hour and wish to go out again will start once again as a group at the top of the hour. So, if you run the loop in 40 minutes, you have 20 minutes to do whatever until it’s time for the next loop. Sit down with your crew, eat some refreshments, change socks, go to the restroom, enjoy the atmosphere or whatever you want for those 20 minutes. If you run the second loop in 40 minutes, you will only have a 15 minute break the next time. So on and so forth.

This trail race across ~4 miles of South Farm located on the outskirts of Eastern Kentucky University’s campus will go until only 1 person meets the time cutoffs and completes a final lap by themself.

For individuals who lean more toward faster and shorter races, we will start the day with a separate 4ish-mile (one loop) race. Get your run in and then stick around to cheer on and/or crew for those who plan on running all day.

All proceeds from this race will go to For Those Who Would to purchase a medical service dog for a young lady with severe needs. Any additional amount above the cost of the dog will be used for the next special need that we cover.

For Those Who Would is a certified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity based out of Richmond, KY with a mission to support individuals prevented from participating in athletic and physical recreational activities due to debilitating injuries or chronic diseases. We want to make a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of those individuals and to become the charity of choice for adventure and endurance athletes. For Those Who Would also supports endurance and adventure athletes by providing a mechanism through which they can raise money for a personal cause that furthers the foundation’s mission.

General Event/Venue Info

We are leasing the venue from Eastern Kentucky University and therefore subject to the following rules:

1. Parking is restricted to the event parking lot.
2. No alcohol at the venue
3. No dogs at the venue
4. Help us keep the venue clean by placing all trash in trash bins
5. No one is permitted on the obstacles located near the race site56 Spectators are allowed in the spectator area at the start/finish line

Race Rules

Rules will be updated closer to event and are subject to change depending on circumstances.

4 miler (actually 3.67 miles) trail race
Participants must be checked-in by 7:45
Race rules and general information will be announced at 7:50
Race begins at 8:00
Awards will be given to the first 3 male and female finishers

Last Person Left
Participants must be checked in by 8:30
Race rules and important info will be announced at 8:45 at the start line
Race (Lap 1) begins at 9:00
Racers must be in the starting corral 1 minute prior to the start of each successive lap or be disqualified
Lap 2 has a 57 minute time limit
Lap 3 has a 55 minute time limit
Lap 4 has a 53 minute time limit
Lap 5 has a 51 minute time limit
Lap 6 has a 50 minute time limit
Lap 7 has a 49 minute time limit
Lap 8 has a 48 minute time limit
Lap 9 has a 47 minute time limit
Lap 10 has a 46 minute time limit
Laps 11 and beyond have a 45 minute time limit
If racer does not complete the lap within the time limit, it does not count and the racer is eliminated from the race
No pacers or spectators are allowed on the course
Racers may have a crew at the Start/Finish line area to provide seating, food, aid, etc.
Working headlamps will be required for racers who continue after dusk
Custom awards (TBD) will be given to the last male and female
Winner of the race will be the last person to complete a lap within the designated time.
Should multiple racers not make the final time cutoff, the individual back to the finish line first will be declared the winner.
Should multiple racers decide not to attempt a final lap, the individual who finished the last lap first will be declared the winner.
Once a final lap is completed, the event is over. Racers will not be allowed to continue after the race is won. (We don't want to be there all weekend!)


This event is first and foremost a charity race, therefore prizes are limited
All entrants (Last Person Left and 1-loop trail race) will receive a t-shirt
True to the nature of "Last Person Left", only the winner of the event will receive a very cool custom award
The first 3 female finishers and first 3 male finishers of the single loop trail race will also receive finisher awards.


There is plenty of free paved parking approximately 300-400 yards from the start-finish line. Parking is accessed from a service road off of Kit Carson Drive near Lancaster Avenue. See photo for description.

There is no actual street address for event parking, but it is directly off Kit Carson Drive at Lancaster Rd. 

These coordinates in Google Maps will take you to the parking lot. 37°43'43.8"N 84°18'23.5"W

For those of you who prefer written directions:
From North (Lexington) Take I-75 Exit 87 and turn left on Eastern Bypass toward EKU campus.  Turn right on W 52/Lancaster Ave toward Lancaster.  Turn left at the first light on to Kit Carson Dr.  Turn right at first street on to Leach Dr.  Parking will be in the Big E parking lot on the right.

From South (Berea) Take I-75 Exit 87 and turn right on Eastern Bypass toward EKU campus.  Turn right on W 52/Lancaster Ave toward Lancaster.  Turn left at the first light on to Kit Carson Dr.  Turn right at first street on to Leach Dr.  Parking will be in the Big E parking lot on the right.

Event's current local time: 8:17 AM ET


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