August 13 - 14, 2022

Eddy Trail Races

5750 Porter Ave NW

Annandale, MN 50k, 5k, Half Marathon

This Event Took Place Sun. Aug 14, 2022

About Eddy Trail Races

Eddy Trail Races are a weekend of races based at Chi Rho Center on the south side of Lake Sylvia, on the outskirts of Annandale, MN. The 50k and a half marathon will run through the Stanley Eddy Park Reserve, a wonderful series of trails in our nook of the state.

Run one race or participate in a Challenge running both a race on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday!

Have you ever gone to a race and been rushed before or after because of lodging or other logistics? Have you ever met people on the course then not seen them again? You have the opportunity to lodge at Chi-Rho, hang out with fellow runners for the weekend, not worry about your meals, all while relaxing at an amazing lake in central Minnesota.

Challenge Events!

Big Eddy Challenge - Run the 50k on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday

The Eddy Challenge - Run the 5k on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday

Challenge FINISHERS will receive all of the goodies of both races they participated in, a unique completion award, as well as being part of the challenge standings!

Just sign up for both races individually and you are entered in the challenge!

Lodging and Meals

Races can be stressful; from worrying about your meals, lodging, and travel to worrying about your preparation and so much more!

Eddy Trail Races attempts to address some of those concerns so you can focus on doing more of what you love instead of all the logistics. We offer onsite lodging both Friday and Saturday nights in different settings, in addition to serving six buffet style meals throughout the weekend.

There will be 3 lodging options available for you to stay onsite. We will have cabins of various sizes with multiple bunk beds in an open room, dorms with 2 bunk beds in a room, or pitch your own tent! If you want to lodge with specific individuals or want a group to be together, please let us know.
Also, there are showers onsite for use for all who are lodging to use.

Buffet style meals will be offered at 5pm Friday, 6am, noon, and 5pm Saturday, and 6am and noon on Sunday.

Kids Adventure Time

Do you and your partner both run and races are a hassle with where to bring your child? Are you a single parent who needs to do a lot of moving around to be able to run in races? Or many other situations we know come up. We want to give you a solution for that and take a stress away from you!

For the 5k on Saturday and the half marathon on Sunday (not the 50k), we will have staff to watch your potty-trained children for the duration of your race. There is a playground and fields to play in. Our staff ranges from educators and professionals who work with children to parents and teenagers with childcare experience.

The fee will be $15 Saturday and $30 Sunday per child.
Check-in will start at 8:15am on Saturday and 7:30am on Sunday.

If this is something you purchase, please reach out to Mike with information about you and your child.

If you have questions, please ask!


On a personal note, I remember running my first ultra 2 years ago, running through the woods, and randomly seeing a photographer. I didn't think anything of it in the moment, but the pictures they took of me are now a cherished memento for me. I hope to have photography at every race Running Tangents hosts and hopefully you will be able to bring home pictures of your experience that you can enjoy!

Big Eddy

Start time: 8 am
Date: Sat, August 19, 2023
Distance: 50k
Course: Stanley Eddy Park Reserve and the surrounding streets.

The main race goal of Eddy Trail Races is to run through Stanley Eddy Park Reserve and Big Eddy does loops through each of the parks, as well as running the roads that connect the parks and Chi Rho Center. There is 1 main aid station that you will run by 6 times and 3 other aid stations that you will run by 2 times each. 12 aid stations over the course of 32 miles so you are never far away from support if it's needed.

The course is closer to 51 or 52 kilometers than 50, but we won't tell anyone if you don't ;)

Cross the finish line and jump in the lake when you're done!

Course Map:
This isn't exact and there is one glitch at the most northern part of the map, but it gives you a really good idea of where the course goes and elevation changes. Some of the straight lines aren't so straight in person, so it is probably a half mile or so longer than shown.

Eddy 'Round the Block

Start time: 9 am
Date: Sat, August 19, 2023
Distance: 5k
Course: The hills and around the “block” just south of Chi Rho.

We think this is going to be one of the more difficult 5k races you'll ever run! Starting with 90 feet of elevation in the first 0.2 miles, you're either going up or going down throughout the whole course. It probably won't be your PR, but you'll get a good workout!
The course is not actually in Stanley Eddy Park, but is still a wonderful course, half gravel, half paved.

Cross the finish line and jump in the lake when you're done!

The Eddy

Start time: 8 am
Date: Sun, August 20, 2023
Distance: Half Marathon
Course: The South and East portions of Stanley Eddy Park Reserve and the roads to get to and from it from Chi Rho.

The Eddy is our only race on Sunday and is a wonderful mix of trails, gravel and a little bit of paved road.
8 miles of trails, 3 miles of gravel, and some pavement at the start and end of the race.
3 different aid stations, 1 that you pass by 3 times, so you will never be too far from water or help should you need it.

Stanley Eddy Park Reserve is beautiful and very scenic, while being hilly and a challenging run.

Cross the finish line and jump in the lake when you're done!

Course map:
This is the route and comes to the same distance as when it is run.

Time Limits

We are committed to having accessible races that all runners should be able to finish. We want to share the Stanley Eddy Park Reserve with all interested parties. With that being said, to respect the time of our volunteers and staff along with concern for the safety of participants, we are going to have time limits on the courses.

Big Eddy (50k) will have a time limit of 10 hours, as well as TBD time limits at a few markers through the course, which is slightly faster than 3 miles per hour.
The Eddy (half) will have a time limit of 4 hours.
Eddy 'Round the Block will not have a time limit. However, given the hill that starts the course and the 1 mile jog to the starting line from base camp, it is advised that walkers not participate.

We believe that anyone who is running should be able to finish all of these races.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns! Thanks!


Do you have a friend or family member who would be interested in volunteering to help make our event amazing? Heck, you could run one day and volunteer the other!

We will need medical professionals, course markers, aid station staff, traffic monitors, and other miscellaneous positions.

Event's current local time: 12:35 AM CT


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