Saturday, Sep 17, 2022 @ 8:00 AM

Sole Survivor

2308 Tripp Lake Rd

Brackney, PA Solo, 2-Person Relay, Grande Relay

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 17, 2022

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Sole Survivor

The Sole Survivor
September 16-17, 2022
Camp Susquehannock
2308 Tripp Lake Rd, Brackney, PA 18812

Choose a discipline between mountain biking, trail running or gravel grinding. You or your team will compete in the same discipline for the entire event (example trail runners will only trail run). Each discipline will have its own separate course (ex: mountain bikers and trail runners will not share the same trails). At the start of each hour, 1 participants from each team will line up in the starting corral and they have 1 hour to complete a lap. Relay teams only have 1 participant racing at a time. If a participant finishes early they can eat, rest basically do what they want until the next lap starts at the beginning of the hour (ex: 8am, 9am, etc). Participants cannot start their next lap early; all participants start each lap together. If a participant fails to finish the lap within the allotted time, they and their team are out of the event. After the 12th hour lap, the time to complete a lap will be reduced by 5 minutes for each recurring lap (ex: 13th lap - 55 minutes to complete lap, 14th lap - 50 minutes to complete lap, etc). The event will continue until there is a Sole Survivor in each category. If there are multiple participants starting a lap and none of the participants finish within the allotted time, the competitors will be ranked by their time to finish the final lap. Are you ready to take the Sole Survivor challenge?

Trail Running: 4.1 mile lap
Mountain Biking: 6-7 mile lap
Gravel Grinding: 8-9 mile lap

Solo Male (Categories for age groups in 10 year increments)
Solo Female (Categories for age groups in 10 year increments)
2 Person Male
2 Person Female
2 Person Coed
Grande Male
Grande Female
Grande Coed

Solo and 2 Person Trailblazer $125 3/1/22 – 4/30/22 / Regular $135 5/1/22 – 9/15/22
Grande Trailblazer $100 3/1/22 – 4/30/22 / Regular $110 5/1/22 – 9/15/22

Camp Susquehannock has a limited number of cabins available for rent and plenty of camping space. Each participant or team can set up an area where they camp, hang out, have food, tents, chairs, etc. Participants can use camp stoves and BBQ grills but there are no campfires allowed. Camp Susquehannock will have meals for purchase available during the event. Competitors must bring any food, drinks, water, etc that they will need during the event. Spectators are welcome and competitors can have as big of a support crew as they choose.

There is a $5 per person/ per day land use fee for all participants and spectators over the age of 1. If you are camping on Friday night you will pay $5 for Friday and another $5 for Saturday.

We love pets, but out of respect and for the safety of the other competitors, there are no pets or animals allowed at the event.

The top 3 competitors in each category will receive awards.

Trail Blazers will receive a T-shirt. All competitors will receive a buff, chip timing, a custom number, some awesome swag from our sponsors, entry into the prize raffle and some great memories.

Volunteers are a key ingredient in the Sole Survivor. If you have friends or family who would like to volunteer they will receive the same swag as the racers including a T-shirt and our eternal gratitude.

Event's current local time: 2:00 AM ET
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