Saturday, Dec 10, 2022 @ 6:00 AM
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Running with Spirit & Passion

Spirit of Syllamo is a non-stop ultramarathon journey, covering the picturesque & challenging terrain located within the Sylamore Ranger District, a unique geographical landscape, located within the Ozark National Forest.

The race course utilizes the Syllamo Mountain Bike Trails for the first 35M Loop and then traverses the entire Sylamore Trail & Extension along with parts of the Ozark Highlands Trail for the 100M.

There are Even Year and Odd Year 100 Mile courses.
The Even Year Course is 107 Miles with 33,000ft of elevation change.
The Odd Year Course is 99 Miles with 30,000ft of elevation change.
Both 100M courses are 90% Singletrack and 10% Forest Service Road.

The 35M Loop has 9,200 ft of elevation change and is almost 100% singletrack.

All race distances require the runner to be self-sufficient with gear and nutrition strategy - aid stations may be an excess of 3 hours between locations.


35Miles - 10hrs.
100Miles - 34hrs.

Registration Fees:
35Mile - $85 Before Sept 1st.
$100 After.

100Mile - $200 Before Sept 1st.
$250 After.

35Mile - 100 Adventurers.
100Mile - 50 Adventurers.

Awards: Custom wood burned awards - detailed and substantial!

More details:
Facebook - Spirit of Syllamo
Instagram - Syllamo Events

Rules & FAQ


Please NO! This event is not your standard ultra and is only for advanced trail runners who can be self-sufficient and handle the ups and downs of ultramarathon adventures with grace.

Racer Tracking:

This is an old school, no frills style event and we will NOT be using racer tracking. We will be using our Social Media pages to announce updates quite frequently.

Course Marking & GPS Mapping:

The course will be marked with flagging, directional signage and permanent trail blazes but this event is for experienced trail racers, and you will be expected to stay on course using the limited yet adequate marking.

Course maps and detailed descriptions of access points and local gas stations will be available for crew.

Mandatory Gear:

A headlamp with extra batteries (or 2 headlamps with good batteries)

Rain jacket with hood.

Warm hat & gloves.

Emergency Blanket or Bivvy.

Emergency Whistle.

Drop Bags:

Each registered racer is allowed one Drop Bag per Aid Station.

Each Bag must be visibly tagged as (AID STATION, NAME, BIB #).

Drop bags should be waterproofed as there is no guarantee they will be transported or stored in a covered area.


Pacers can only start/stop pacing at Aid Stations.

Pacers will need to sign a pacer waiver which will be available at each Aid Station.


Crewing is allowed in designated crew areas only.

A racer is allowed a max of 1 registered vehicle and will be provided a Crew Pass for each vehicle.

The provided Crew Pass must be displayed in the vehicle at all times.

A max of 4 persons (crew and/or pacers) per runner at a single location.


Racers are NOT allowed to take rides of any sort during the race. Motorcycles, Bicycles, Cars, Trucks, Horses, Cows, etc. are NOT allowed!

Once a racer gets a ride, they are forfeiting the right to continue in the race.


An overall cutoff time of 34 hours has been established for the 100 mile course.

Cutoff times for each Aid Station will be shared in detail in the Race Guide.

A Racer must be leaving an Aid Station before the cutoff time for that station.


Racers who wish to drop out (DNF) of the race MUST report to the nearest Race official immediately. This is imperative and failure to do so can result in being barred from any future events within this organization.

Racers who drop from the race are not guaranteed a ride back to the Finish line right away. If near an Aid Station location, runners can wait then ride with race staff when transportation is available.

Local time: 5:38 PM


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