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2023 sheSHEVentures October 6th-8th

sheSHEVentures exists to create non-assumptive outdoor learning spaces where people and their personal growth are elevated, and different is invaluable.The outdoors is a magical playground full of creative possibilities, lost lands, and fierce adventures. We’ve enjoyed seeing women’s lives changed in this environment and yet, each year, as we planned, packed, and left for camp, our young girls incessantly asked if they could join. The look of disappointment when we said, “not this year,” was enough to break a statue’s stone heart.

Until 2021…

When we started a new camp and can now scream a resounding, “YES YOU CAN COME!”

Confidence, courage, and community are foundational ideals all young girls should have. They create a personal trampoline to launch them into adulthood with the support and skills needed to thrive. Just as SheVentures exists so that “All women believe they are capable of finding, belonging to and navigating any outdoor environment,” SHEshe exists for the same.

We’re start’n ‘em early!

Planned for a little + BIG team, this camp experience will have the same spirit and vision of SheVentures, with the execution of a party to which any young girl would excitedly RSVP.  (Oh, and our, um, younger teammates, wanted to make sure we told you this isn’t a foo-foo-fancy slumber party. This is a legit weekend in the woods where pastels and mud are friends.)

We’ll have rock climbing, hiking, cooking around the fire and so much more. And similar to SheVentures, the goal isn’t to be the best, the goal is confidence, courage, and connection with the outdoors, and with YOU!

Whether it’s a Mother/Daughter, Grandma/Granddaughter, Mentor/Mentee, or any other combination of a little + BIG, she*SHEventures will deliver laughs and memories you’ll each share for a lifetime!

2023 Weekend Schedule

Friday 10/6/23
2-5 Registration and Go Setup Your Tent
5:30 Welcome and Introductions
6pm Dinner
7:00 PM Fire Talk
10:00 PM Bedtime (or at least whisper time)

7 am Up and Eat
8 am Morning Activities
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Afternoon Activities
6 pm Dinner
7:30 pm S'mores and Stories

6:30 AM Coffee and Fruit Ready
7:15 AM Basecamp Activities
8:30-11 AM Group Brunch
11:00 AM Pack it up
2:00 PM Leave Camp (better than ya found it)

Ages and Cost

Our activities are geared for kids around 7ish and we'll let the BIGs use their judgment to decide if camp is a good fit. (In the future we'll separate the age groups but right now, we're stay'n small so we can get it right!) 

To go with our keep'n it small theme, this first year we're capping camp at 25 teams...for a total of 50 campers. 

Similar to SheVentures, our goal is to make SHEsheVENTURES accessible to as many young girls as possible. The entire weekend including food, gear, and all other fun supplies, is $700 per team. Scholarships and payment plans are TOTALLY available. Our goal is to empower anyone who wants to camp!

Because we contract our instructors before we open registration and because we begin buying supplies and gear immediately after registration, we don't offer refunds, deferrals, or registration transfers.

Event's current local time: 10:45 AM ET

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