Friday, Jul 29, 2022 @ 6:00 AM
This Event Took Place Fri. Jul 29, 2022

New for 2023: Pending course improvements!
Runner's Guide AVAILABLE here !

Howdy pardner!

Limber Pine Outdoors (creators of the White Pine 50) is excited to announce a NEW hundred-miler connecting the iconic elkhorn arches located in Afton and Jackson Hole Wyoming! Each winter, thousands of elk, the "Monarchs of the Mountains" travel a hundred miles or more to descend out of the nearby mountain ranges to elk feeding grounds in Star Valley and Jackson Hole. In the spring, the bulls drop their antlers before returning to their lofty haunts high above the valley floor. Both towns have erected massive arches made from these elk "sheds" in honor of this annual feat of biology. If you qualify (keep reading), we invite you to make the journey yourself through the terrain these elk navigate between their summer and winter ranges and back. See the map here!

Cowboy Up!

This race is crew-supported. That means your best cowhand will be meeting you at many of the aid stations and at the finish. You may share a crew vehicle with someone else (recommended actually) as long as you're planning on sticking together for the most part. Don't sign up unless you have a crew! Don't expect aid stations every seven miles. Do expect minimal course marking.
The required gear list includes bear spray, water filtration/treatment, a survival bivy (for the overnight segment), navigation device and a GPS tracker. If you don't have your own tracker, we have partnered with for GPS tracker rental, a $40 add-on when you check-out (but come on, just buy one already!). This is for your safety, and your crew's convenience.

Not your first rodeo

You can tell by now this race is going to be no joke! The course offers very few aid station opportunities (roughly every 13 miles or more) and climbs about 20,000' of vert between 6,000 and 10,300' above sea level. Expect some bushwhacking, scree & maybe even snowfields, the potential of severe weather, possible altitude sickness, and long dry sections where you'll need to carry extra water. You will have to have successfully completed at least a tough, mountain 50-miler to enter (or provide some other evidence of verifiable insanity/trail running/badassery/thru hiking accomplishment).
This makes the rules pretty simple:
1. Don't get lost
2. Leave no trace
3. Finish by the cut-offs
4. No whining

I won this belt buckle

We'll start under the Elkhorn Arch on Main Street in Afton on Friday the 28th at 6:00am. Finish by 10:00pm on Saturday the 29th in Jackson Hole, and you'll get hearty a slap on the back, priceless memories and a fancy belt buckle for your efforts.

Payin' er forward

Entrants must complete the standard 8-hours of trail work and/or volunteering at an ultra (pacing doesn't count) before July 16th, 2023. Watch for a scheduled trail work day a couple of weeks before the race. Or you may choose to donate $80 to the Friends of the Bridger Teton National Forest to do it for you Donate here!

Local time: 5:41 AM


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