Saturday, Jun 4, 2022 @ 8:00 AM

Pilot Hill

3500 E Willett Drive

Laramie, WY 25K

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 4, 2022

About the event

The Pilot Hill 25K Classic is the oldest continuously run footrace in Wyoming. The race has its roots back in the 1970’s when a group of local runners and university cross country team members decided to begin their summer training by racing from Laramie to the top of Pilot Hill and back down. At that time, trail running was a “fringe sport” — the running boom that was sweeping the nation was confined primarily to the roads. Pilot Hill tries to hold true to its roots–by providing a “down home” race that won’t break the bank while celebrating the sport that all of us love.

The Pilot Hill Race is run mostly on rugged two-track. It crosses sandy flats, runs over some low grade hills, and climbs up (and descends down) some pretty gnarly weathered limestone. The top of Pilot Hill (at 8600 ft) is one of the highest points in the Sherman Mountains (Laramie Range) that sits east of the town of Laramie. From the top, you will be greeted by views of the Laramie Valley and across to the west to the Snowy Range of the Medicine Bow Mountains, and to the south in Colorado: the Rawahs and Front Range.

Following the race, relax at the finish line and enjoy some breakfast food and refreshments!

Course map

Local time: 2:19 AM


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