Saturday, Apr 29, 2023 @ 6:30 AM

Badwater Salton Sea

905 Sea Port Ave

Salton City, CA 2-Person Team, 3-Person Team

Registration closes: Sat, Apr 15 @ 11:59PM

Badwater Salton Sea: The Original Team Ultra

The BADWATER® ultra running experience returns to the Anza-Borrego Desert and Palomar Mountain when the tenth BADWATER SALTON SEA race takes place on April 29-30, 2023.

This remarkable event challenges up to 45 teams of two or three ultrarunners – running together as duos or trios for the duration, NOT in a relay – to tackle an unimaginable traverse of Southern California deserts and mountains. The route covers 81 miles (130km) from Salton City (elevation 234 feet / 71m below sea level) to Palomar Mountain, the almost tallest mountain in San Diego County (elevation 5500 feet / 1676m.) Eight of the 81 race miles pass through Anza-Borrego State Park on a single track trail from Borrego Springs to Ranchita, creating a race route which is a mix of road and trail. There is a total elevation gain of over 9000 feet (2740m).

The nine previous editions were received with wide acclaim. The tenth edition – with a limit of approximately 115 runners – is scheduled for April 29-30 (Saturday-Sunday), 2023.

Entry is limited to approximately 115 runners – entered as twenty 2-runner teams and twenty-five 3-runner teams – and the field will fill quickly.

Team Format

Unique to Badwater® Salton Sea is a “Team Ultra Racing” format: All race entrants must enter and race as teams of two or three runners (all male, all female, or co-ed divisions), remaining together for the duration – NOT in a relay format – and sharing just one support vehicle with at least two crew members.

We encourage each runner to select teammates with compatible running style and pace, and with whom he or she would really like to share this experience!

Divisions are offered for All Male, All Female, and Mixed (for 3x teams, 2 men and 1 woman, or 1 man and 2 women, are considered equal).

Some teams have come together in the past through the wonders of the internet, for example through our Facebook Event Page for each year’s event, or just through personal social media (and real world!) connections!

It is very important to pick good teammates to have an ideal experience at this race, and to have the highest likelihood of the whole team finishing together, intact, which SHOULD BE the goal of every team in the race. Here’s what we suggest:

– Invite runners that you have run with a lot, and find you have compatible speeds, styles (pacing, how much time you spend getting aid, etc.), and temperament (sense of humour, how much you like to talk versus staying quiet or listening to music, etc.). Those could be runners in your club or with whom you train a lot. But that could also be runners who don’t live near you, but you only see at races.

– Think about all the races you do. Aren’t there others who consistently finish right near you in lots of races? Seems like a good place to start with picking a teammate, don’t you think?

– Taking that a step further, why not pick teammates with whom you actually compete directly? Again, you’re likely about the same speed, so why not work together instead of against each other, for a change? Why not “bury the hatchet,” so to speak?

– What about fellow runners that you are mentoring, whether “formally” or just in a friendly way? Why not help another runner have an amazing experience in your company, with you playing the role of “grizzled old veteran” or Jedi of ultra running? There is no Luke Skywalker without Obi-Wan Kenobi, after all.

Anyway, those are a few ideas for not only picking good teammates, but also for having an exemplary experience, something that will really be transcendent, and meaningful, and will resonate far and beyond after the race is over and you’ve – hopefully – gone home with your buckles.


Please Note:

Entry may be denied to those without sufficient endurance credentials. In general, all applicants must have completed at least one difficult 50-mile ultramarathon in the previous 12 months prior to application. (Having recently completed one or more tough 100-milers is highly recommended. Veterans of this event routinely state that it as hard as any of the toughest 100 milers they have done.)

REFUND POLICY: Generally speaking, it is our expectation that registered teams will not withdraw from this event. Instead, if one runner has to withdraw from the race, he or she will be replaced with a new teammate, at the discretion of the remaining runner(s) on the team. There are no transfers of registration, nor roll-overs to the next year. Entry fee refunds, less 25%, will be offered until 60 days prior to the event. After that, there are no refunds, nor roll-overs or credits.

FIELD LIMITS: Only 20 2x teams will be allowed to enter, compared to 25 3x teams. NOTE: If we have 20 2x teams registered, and then any 3x team “loses” a runner prior to race day, that 3x team MUST replace that third runner to remain as a 3x team. Please note that the entry fee for 2x team runners is $100 more than for 3x team runners.

ALL TEAMMATES MUST ENTER ON THE SAME WEEK: Please submit all teammates’ registrations and payments on the same day or within a few days. No runner or team is considered fully registered until ALL runners on the team are registered and paid in full. Runners who register, but don’t have a full team registered within two weeks, will be dropped from the roster and will be refunded, less $100. One runner may not “hold a place for the team” in the race by simply registering.

EVENT CANCELLATION: If the event is canceled due to pandemic, hurricane, community disaster, or other force majeure, neither refunds nor credits will be given.

ROUTE APPROVALS: Although we anticipate using the same or nearly the same route each year, the final, exact route is subject to approval from various government agencies and is always subject to change due to various factors beyond our control.

Local time: 4:41 PM


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