Thursday, Mar 23, 2023

Antelope Island Buffalo Run

4528 W 1700 S

Syracuse, UT 100 Miler, 50 Miler, early start 50 Miler, 50K, 25K

This Event Took Place Thu. Mar 23, 2023

Start Times

Please note that only the 100 mile and early start 50 miles start on Thursday the 23rd. The 25K, 50K and the regular 50 miles start on Friday the 24th.

Since everyone always asks when the races start, here are the times:
100 Mile - 10am THURSDAY, March 23
50 Mile - 6am FRIDAY March 24
50 Mile Early Start 10am THURSDAY March 23
50K - 8am FRIDAY March 24
25K - 9am FRIDAY March 24
There WILL NOT be an early start option for the 100 mile. There is an early start option for the 50 miles, it is to start at 10 am with the 100-mile runners. Please sign up for this ONLY if you have serious doubts about your ability to go 50 miles in 12.5 hours.

2023 Change Notes

2/7/2023 - Need an outrageous running goal for the year? The 100 mile event is now part of the new Utah Slam of Ultrarunning. Five locally owned races here in Utah. Sign up here

Big changes for 2023. There will be a new start/finish area. The old area is slated to become another campground so we will be relocating to the large flat area right next to the marina. I actually am looking forward to using this area for a number of reasons. Lots of room for camping, a bit more contained. Easier to find, easier to park at.
Another huge change is that once again all for distances (25K, 50K, 50 Mile, 100 Mile) will take place on the same days. No more having the 25K two weeks prior to the other distances.
Yet another big change, the park is letting me go to a capacity of 600 runners total. The capacity was 400, hence the splitting of dates, but everyone gets to party together in 2023.
The only thing I couldn't talk the park into was going back to a Friday/Saturday format. But hey, two out of three isn't bad.
Will the courses change? In a word, yes. The 50 mile and 100 mile will still utilize the course they always have, but it will be in a different order. The only change there is the extension of running from the Mountain View trailhead to the marina. That adds maybe a 1/4 mile. I'm still working on the 25K and 50K course. They may end up being a bit longer than before in order to get all of you out on the cooler trails.
I'll keep this section updated as things firm up.

Refund/Transfer/Rollover Policy

We will refund your entry, less the service fee, provided you let us know before the February 1st deadline.
The race does not have to be full.
There are no rollovers for any Buffalo Run Adventures races.
There are no transfers for any Buffalo Run Adventures races, except see below for this race.
The entry fee you pay is for this year’s race and covers this year’s supplies, fees, insurance, etc.
If you want to transfer to a friend, you MUST do it through this registration page. Unofficial tranfers are not allowed, so don't just sell your friend your bib. This is a liability issue.
If you are out running the race and get hurt and can’t communicate with us, I have no idea who you are, who to contact, etc.
Plus it has the potential to really screw up results. So don't give/sell your buddy your bib.
The best thing to do is to get your refund and have your friend just sign up for the race.


New course descriptions, maps, etc. have been added to the website.

Other Stuff

If you need any other information, just go to the race website. It has lots of pretty pictures and cool words, plus a fair amount of race information. Check it out at

Local time: 8:53 PM


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