Sunday, Dec 11, 2022 @ 7:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sun. Dec 11, 2022

Savannah Stone Stairs of Death race

The Savannah Stone Stairs of Death Race (SSOD race) is a unique running challenge. Participants will run for 1 or 2 hours up the 33 gnarly, steep steps on the western end of River Street in Savannah, Ga. known as the Stone Stairs of Death.
The race starts on Williamson Street, meets with MLK boulevard, then you shoot across River Street and take a sharp right and up the SSOD. The course is a short 1/3 mile loop. Whoever racks up the most mileage in their registered time wins!

Before you sign up you may want to ask yourself ``Why would I pay to run up these horrific stairs for an hour or two straight?” Good question!

Here’s answer 1: Each year, we choose a person or family that needs a helping hand and donate 100% of profits from the race.

Answer 2: It's an incredible challenge unlike any other you're likely to come across anywhere else! You will impress yourself with your results after 1 or 2 hours of running up these steps on this short loop! Running these steps are about the best mountain training you'll get at low-elevation Savannah.

Answer 3: You get a cool shirt!
We set up a gofundme account as well for the person the race is for. All of the money donated from the gofundme account goes entirely to the person the race is in honor of that year.
Zina Cerrone family

Race Course Information/ rules:
Do not litter.
Abide by the City of Savannah’s laws.
Runners will always run up the stairs and never down.
Slower runners/ walkers are expected to use the right hand set of stairs leaving the left hand set of stairs to the faster runners. For safety reasons this will be strictly enforced.
Go across the timing mat with each loop. Your result will not count if you do not.
ALL Rough Runners/ Run 4 a Reason events are CUP FREE! You must bring your own water bottle.
THERE ARE NO REFUNDS, DEFERRALS, OR BIB TRANSFERS. If you cannot make the race your entry fees will be donated to the SSOD charity recipient.
Once the race sells out, a wait list will be opened. There is a small cap of 75 runners.
The Family in Need

Zina Cerrone, a dear friend of the running community, had stepped away from running to focus on her childrens goals with high school and on to College. Zina, a well educated woman, stayed at home and home schooled her children until they were ready for high school. She now has only 1 son left to assist through his senior year. But devastating news hit this humble family in March of 2022 and Zina had to go to work to now care for her ailing husband. Bernard Cerrone, Zina’s husband, received a grim diagnosis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. To learn more of this progressive neurodegenerative disease please visit

After having brunch with Zina one morning and hearing of this and the family’s needs, we knew we had to take action. The Cerrone’s home needed a roof replaced as soon as possible. The home owners' insurance threatened to drop them from the insurance because all that was covering the roof was a tarp. They quickly had to have it replaced. They scrounged up the money through some savings, selling Bernard’s car and borrowing money. The small modest home will still need a lot of improvements, especially the more medically needy Bernard comes as the disease progresses. With the huge financial burden that is now placed on the Cerrone’s, including medical needs, financial debt, and the future of the family, the Cerrone family will be the recipient from SSOD donations and race profits.

Hope to see you there!

Local time: 3:34 AM


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