Sunday, Oct 9, 2022
This Event Took Place Sun. Oct 9, 2022

The Course Deets

The Land of Light race is a really unique opportunity to race on six different trail systems while benefitting two local non profits!

The 100k course is a fully human powered category where runners cannot use a car to travel between parcels but must cycle there! The course totals 25k running & 75k cycling and will be a feat worth boasting about! It starts at the Virgil Parris Preserve, starting the race with a 3k loop to warm up the legs before the crushing climb on the bike over Streaked Mt into town and heading to Roberts Farm on a 5k loop at Roberts Farm Preserve and then travel to Noyes Moutain to run a steep 4k lollipop. Then down to Shepard's Farm for a rolling 8k lollipop through Witt Swamp and the farm preserve, running past a collection of awesome artwork and statues. Racers then head to Twin Bridges and run on the Crooked River parcel for another 4-5k loop through lush forest before making the final ride to Hawk Mt, racing new trail up to the finish line at the overlook gazing south across Bear Pond towards Sebago. 100k relay teams will be allowed to swap rider or runner at any transition point but not mid course. This hand off can be done at any trailhead. Relay teams can alternate which partner rides or runs more than once.

You do not want to miss this!

There is no set travel course for any category. Cyclists can use any open public road to access the parcels BUT MUST ABIDE BY ALL LEGAL ROAD LAWS.

Racers in the fully HP category cannot use an e-bike. GPS and navigation are allowed. These racers are not required to submit full GPS data to the director unless they are in contention for a podium spot and are requested by the RD. This is to verify that the entire course was actually covered. Cyclists may use any legal open public road to access the parcels based on their understanding of the local area and the limitations of their bikes. We will provide what we feel is a good safe route so that racers may be prepared for the day but navigation will ultimately be on racers as the road travel is open and unsupported.

Race Start Times:
100k 930am at Virgil Parris Preserve on Sodom rd in Buckfield


All profits from this race are donated directly to TruStrength Tomorrow, a 501c3 non-profit company provides scholarships to youth, within the Oxford Hills School District, to be able to attend indoor/outdoor fitness programs that will help them live a healthier lifestyle. This includes programs that offer mentorship/positive adult-youth relationship building, physical fitness training, ski and rock climbing clinics, and leadership development clinics.
To learn more or to donate visit

10% of the proceeds will also be given to Western Foothill Land Trust for their partnership with us in this race.

Aid Stations

Racers will be provided aid stations at the following parcels:
Robert's Farm - Full aid
Noyes Mt - *H20 only
Shepard's Farm - Full Aid
Hawk - *H20 Only

Full aid stations will include some version of normal race munchies: pb&j, bananas, chips, pretzels, & candy
*In an effort to be less impactful to the environment this race is CUPLESS. Races should expect to carry their own cup or bottle for refilling at stations. Racers utilizing an aid car (run-only category) can keep any aid in their vehicles they would like.

Restoring Reverence for the Land

For thousands of years, the Wabanaki people have lived upon and cared for this land, which they named Dawnland. The Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Mi'kmaq, and Maliseet tribes are the original inhabitants of the lands we now call Maine and the Canadian Maritimes. This event was named in recognition and respect of the Wabanaki people's reverence for the land they lived upon. We have never lived in a time where the need to restore reverence for the earth has been so urgent. The Western Foot Hills Land Trust also works to connect people to the land that we use and live in so this race seemed a fitting opportunity for us to open that conversation with you about how we experience deeper care and relationship with the planet we tread and depend upon.

Course Map

This Caltopo link can be used to view our recommended travel route and the approximate run courses at each parcel. *Subject to change at Race Director's discretion.
More detailed GPX files for each parcel will be provided in the emailed race briefing prior to the event.

This link is a map of the 100k bike route

Fully Human Powered Notes

100k Racers will check in at Virgil Parris Preserve the morning of the event Buckfield. There are only a handful of parking spots at the start of the race at Virgil Parris, but automobiles can be parked along the East side of the road along the woods. Cyclists can also be dropped off or ride to the start. Automobiles can be left at the bank parking lot in Buckfield just a mile away from the VP trailhead.
If you need to have your bike shuttled to the start please email the director asap with your needs. We will arrange a trailer or truck and a few volunteers with bike racks to shuttle people over that cannot get a ride or don't want to bike to the start.

Cyclists should plan to be picked up or ride out from Hawk Mt. The Field of Dreams or RADR Field in Harrison is a convenient place to leave a vehicle that is a downhill ride from Hawk Mt.

Awards Party

Come join us at Oxbow Beer Garden on rt 26 in Oxford for a post race celebration where we will announce the podium finishers and give away some swag. Oxbow serves amazing wood fired sourdough pizza and craft beer and is one of the sponsors of this event.

Event's current local time: 7:57 AM ET


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