Saturday, Oct 10, 2009

Golden Hills Marathon

Tilden Park

Berkeley, CA Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 10, 2009

Golden Hills - Update (8/21/16)

Unfortunately, due to ongoing park construction, we are unable to host the Golden Hills Trail Marathon. We will still host the Dick Collins Firetrails 50-Miler, though on an altered course due to the park construction.

Course Description

The point-to-point marathon course starts at the Lone Oak picnic area in Berkeley’s Tilden Park and finishes 26.2 miles to the south at the Cove Picnic area at Lake Chabot. The course is mostly along the legendary East Bay Skyline National Trail, which includes fireroads and single track trails that provides gorgeous views of San Francisco, Mt. Diablo and the golden hills of the East Bay from the ridge tops. The course also allows you to cross streams, run through a lush redwood forest and view the many different species of trees in the east bay, including oak, pine, bay and eucalyptus. Over 4,800 feet of climb. Be prepared for any condition. Can be hot, perfect or cold and raining. In previous years, race week has included the following: fire, earthquake, flood, and stock market crash.

Included in your registration fee is a donation of $5.00 to Regional Parks Foundation.

Take The Shuttle

A shuttle will be provided to take runners from the finish area to the start of the marathon. The shuttle will leave the finish area at 7:15 am sharp and arrive at the start around 8:15 am. The shuttle bus will be parked in the upper parking lot at the Lake Chabot Marina. The shuttle will arrive at 6:45am and be ready for passengers. Shuttle cost is $15. We encourage all runners to take the shuttle for their own convenience (i.e., so your vehicle will greet you at the finish) and because parking near the start area is very limited. Shuttle rider’s clothing will be transported to the finish line.

To sign up for the shuttle (in case you forgot to include it in your initial registration), please use this link:

Dick Collins Firetrails 50

The Dick Collins Firetrails 50M is held in conjunction with the Golden Hills Trail Marathon. The out and back 50 Miler starts at 6:30 am the Cove Picnic area at Lake Chabot and the turnaround is at the Lone Oak picnic area in Berkeley’s Tilden Park.

Local time: 6:49 AM


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