Friday, Aug 4, 2023 @ 8:00 PM

Owyhee 50/50 Night Run

3437 Johnstone Rd

Homedale, ID 50 Mile, 50K

This Event Took Place Fri. Aug 4, 2023

All Proceeds Go to Hearts for Hearts

Hearts for Hearts is a non-profit organization, 501c3, which was founded in 2022 and provides housing for heart transplant patients after their transplant surgery. This event is a fundraiser for this Non-profit organization. All the proceeds go to the administrative costs to keep Hearts for Hearts moving forward in its mission to help heart transplant patients.

Permit for 2024

We have our permit from BLM (Bureau of Land Management). The Owyhee 50/50 Night Run will take place on August 2 & 3, 2024; contingent on natural disasters. Thank you for all who are interested and are planning to sign up or those who have already signed up.

Start Times

Both races will start at 8PM

Race Briefing: 7:45 PM
Thank you for participating in our run.
Talk about the course details, drop bags, aid stations, and questions or concerns.

Race Description

THIS IS A NIGHT RUN!!! The heat of the day will not be an issue, but keep hydrated. The run will start at 8 PM on August 2. Runners will run through the night and finish their run on the morning of August 3. Both the 50 Km and the 50 Mile races are an out and back race. Both races will start and finish in the same place, the Homedale Middle School Parking Lot. The 50 K race will go out 25 K and follow the same course back. The 50 mile race will follow the same format. Runners will run out about 21 miles, make approximately an 8 (eight) mile loop, and then retrace their course back to the start/finish line. Approximately the first 8 Km / 5 Miles are on paved roads. The majority of the run will be on a dirt county road, BLM (Bureau of Land Management) roads and double track roads. The last 8 Km / 5 Miles will be run on paved roads.

Aid Stations

50 Km Aid Stations
Aid Station: Location: Available Items
1. 12.5 K (PT), Water, Tailwind , snacks*
2. 25 K**50 K /Turn Around (PT), Water, Tailwind, snacks*
3. 38 K (PT), Water, Tailwind, snacks*
4. 50 K /Finish Line (PT), Water, Tailwind, snacks*

50 Mile Aid Station
1. 8 Mile (PT), Water, Tailwind, snacks*
2. 16 Mile (PT), Water, Tailwind, snacks*
3 20.75 Mile (PT), Water, Tailwind, snacks*
4. 25 Mile (PT), Water, Tailwind, snacks*
5. 28.5 Mile (PT), Water, Tailwind, snacks*
6. 33.6 Mile (PT), Water, Tailwind, snacks*
7. 41 Mile (PT), Water, Tailwind, snacks*
8. 50 Mile / Finish Line PT), Water, Tailwind, snacks*

(PT) -Portable Toilet
* When specific menu items at the aid stations are known, They will be posted.

Pace Runners

Unfortunately there will be No PACE RUNNERS FOR 50 Km RUN.
We are trying to limit the amount of vehicles on the running course. Consequently, there will be no pace runners for the 50 KM Run because there is only one way to get to any aid stations to account for pace runners.

Pace runners will be able to join the 50 mile run at the mile 25 aide station. The aide station is about ½ mile off US 95, just past mile post 8 on the right hand side (North) of the highway.

From Homedale:
head south on US 95.
ID 55 & US 95 intersection:
Turn right, stay on US 95.
Travel to mile post 8.
Turn right at next intersection.
It is not marked with a street sign but there is a stop sign. Aide station is about ½ mile down dirt road.

Safety Equipment:

Runners will need to be able to carry at least 40 oz. of water either in a bottle(s) or a hydration pack. No runner will be allowed on the course without the ability to frequently hydrate.

The following items could go in a drop bag.
Head lamp: A head lamp will be required during the night.
Warm clothes / wind breaker, jogging pants. Temperatures could get cold during the night.

Drop Bags:

You will be able to designate what aid station you would like to pick-up a drop bag. At the starting location there will be a table where drop bags can be left, and they will be dropped off at the aid station you designate.

You will also be able to drop bags off at any of the aid stations.
Please mark your drop bag with your bib number.

Cattle Guards

Cattle guards are metal pipes across the road approximately 4 feet wide. There are roughly 4-8 inches between each pipe. They are normally painted yellow. These devices cover a hole in the road and are used to keep cattle on one side of it or the other.

There are multiple cattle guards that will need to be crossed during this event.

Please slow down and traverse them with caution.

Cutoff Times

50 K
The cutoff time for the 50K race will be the same cutoff time as the 50 Mile Run, 16 hours.

50 Mile
25 miles aid station- 8 hrs
33 mile aid station - 12 hrs
42 mile aid station - 14 hrs
50 mile / finish - 16 hrs


All participants will receive a shirt. Each finisher will receive a finisher’s award. Register before July 22 to guarantee your swag.

Event's current local time: 10:39 AM MT


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