March 16 - 18, 2023

Pulse Endurance Runs

4000 W. Hatchery Rd.

Eagle, ID 100 Miler, 48 Hour, 24hrs, 12 Hour Night, 12 Hour Day, 6 Hour Day, 6 Hour Night

This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 18, 2023

The Course

******The 2024 course will most likely be altered due to construction at Eagle Island to the addition of a campground and another pond.  I won't be able to have the actual course out until mid February at the earliest. Stay tuned***
We've added the 100 Mile Relay back to Pulse Endurance Runs for 2024!!
You were always looking for a timed race without pavement hurting your feet right? At the Pulse Endurance Runs, you can enjoy nature while running on a beautiful flat dirt trail 2 1/2 mile loop bordering the Boise River and Eagle Island pond. See the website for all course details. This is a great course to get your first ultra, anywhere from a 50K to 100 miles and beyond!

The Race

The Pulse Endurance Runs are a beautiful and flat fixed-time race held at Eagle Island State Park, 8 miles west of Boise, Idaho. Test yourself against the clock and some of the northwest's top timed event runners at Idaho's premier timed race on a flat, dirt trail. Set a goal and achieve it, running as many miles as you can in 48, 24, 12, or 6 hours. Or, sign up for the 100 mile fixed-distance option! We added the Relay back so bring your friends and run with up to 5 of your friends. Contact the RD if you're signing up for the Relay and have less than 5 runners and I will adjust the price accordingly. This must be done prior to registering.
Come for fun, or come for speed....just bring your smiles!
No refunds will be provided, including in the event of a cancellation outside of the organizers control.

Race Times

We have a lot of event options. Make sure you are checking the start times and signing up for the race you intend to!


You can have up to 5 runners for the Relay. If you have less than 5 please let the Race Director know PRIOR to signing up and the registration fee will be adjusted accordingly. You would need to do this before you register.
You will be passing the timing chip to the next runner inside the designated transition area at the start/finish only. Your team can decide who runs when and how often. Each team member is not required to run the same amount and they don't have to run it all at once. If a runner leaves the park for any reason they are not allowed to run again. No Pacers allowed in the Relay.

You can have a little extra fun in the Relay and join us in the 'Best Name/Costume contest.' We'll be giving a special prize to the team with the best name/costume. The costume must be worn the entire time and the costume theme must match your team name. I know we have some pretty creative runners out there, I can't wait to see what you come up with!


All entries are non-refundable. Online registration closes Monday March 11, 2024 at 11:59 PM.

Race Start Times are as follows:
48 Hour 6pm, Thursday 3/14 (ends 6pm 3/16)
100 Mile: 10:00 am, Friday 3/15 (32 hour cutoff, 6:00 pm, 3/16)
100 Mile Relay: Friday 6pm 3/15 (ends 6:00pm 3/16)
6 Hour Night: 6:00 pm, Friday 3/15 (ends midnight Friday)
24 Hour: 6:00 pm, Friday 3/15 (ends 6:00 pm, 3/16)
12 Hour Night: 6:00 pm, Friday 3/15 (ends 6:00 am, 3/16)
12 Hour Day: 6:00 am, Saturday 3/16 (ends 6:00 pm, 3/16)
6 Hour Day: Noon Saturday 3/16 (ends 6:00 pm Saturday 3/16)

Volunteer Requirement

Runner Volunteer Requirement
Each local runner is required to furnish one volunteer for the race to fill a minimum 4-hour shift. Please help us out with volunteers.  Volunteers are critical in keeping this race successful and continuing to make this race as awesome as it can be for all the runners.  If you know more than one person that would like to volunteer please let me know.  We will waive this requirement if you are coming from out of the state, because we want you to sign up anyway!

Once you have registered and given your volunteer info, please have your designated volunteer select their time using the Volunteer button on the main page so that we have all their information and can contact them with specifics about their volunteer spot. There is a spot on the form for volunteers to pick their own time frame. Thank you!

Packet Pickup

Packet pickup will be Wednesday March 13th at Black Moon Pizza at 3709 W Chinden Blvd, Garden City, ID 83714.   All packets can then be picked up at Eagle Island Park under the shelter.  If you're picking up your packet and there's a race getting ready to start that ISN'T your race, please wait until that race starts to help with getting the runners through.  You will need to pick your chip prior to the start of your race.

Crews, Aid, Facilities

Crew & Personal Aid: Runners may have crew support every lap. There is an area directly adjacent to the course with space for tents or canopies for personal aid stations. Your crew is only allowed to crew you in the designated area at the Start/Finish area.
Parking: Enough parking directly adjacent to the course with easy access from the course to your car any time. There will be specific blocked off parking for campers and RV's campers and RV's must park in this designated area or they will be towed. We have special permission that allows campers overnight.
Park Entry Fee: The park entry fee for one car is included in your race entry fee. Any other family members or spectators in additional cars will need to pay the State Park fee of $5.
Food and Aid: The official race aid station will be available every 2.5 miles as you finish each lap. We will have a wide range of typical ultra food, and we are open to your suggestions and food requests.
For those running at night make sure to bring extra clothes, it can get pretty cold and windy so extra layers may be needed. Also don't forget to bring extra batteries for your headlamp. Even though we are inside a state park there isn't any lighting on the backside of the course so you will need to use your headlamp.


The nice thing about a timed event is that there are no DNFs (unless you sign up for 100 miles and don't complete 100 miles)
Overall winners (top 3) for each race will be awarded


Pacers (which is anyone who is a non racer who is on the course with you), will be allowed when you are 1/2 through your race. For example, if you are a running the 48HR you can have a pacer at 24 hours in, if you're running the 12HR, you can have a pacer at 6 hours in.  I encourage you to have a pacer to help make your race more enjoyable, but please follow the Pacer rules so the race is fair for everyone.  You do not want your pacer to cause a DNF for you.

Event's current local time: 5:33 AM MT


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