Saturday, Oct 21, 2023

Walking Tall 50/25K

1435 John Howell Rd

Pocahontas, TN 50K, 25K

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 21, 2023

Race Description

Big Hill Pond's 50/25K will have something for everyone. It will be run on October 19th 2024. The race will have 31 or 15.5 miles made up almost entirely of single track trail with only a little park road to help string out the competition. The race will feature a fire tower that you will have to climb, and a swamp boardwalk that is over a half mile across. The history of the area comes from the local sheriff Buford Pusser, who is known for his virtual one-man war on moonshining, prostitution, gambling, and other vices along the Mississippi–Tennessee state line. The race will offer enough scenery and elevation for the most grizzled trail runner but should be doable for the well trained first timer.

Fire Tower

The fire tower is something special to this race and as such it will be treated special. However, we understand some people have a true fear of heights and we do not want to exclude them from the event and a chance to see Big Hill Pond State Park. Here is our solution. We are going to add a challenge coin to the bling at the end of the race. If you go to the top of the tower and get your bib punched at the top when you complete the race you will receive your finishers item and also a special fire tower challenge coin. To place in the top 3 or get a course record you have no choice but to go to the top. However, if you decide to miss out on the best view in this half of Tennessee you can do the same number of stairs on the first floor of the tower and still be a legit finisher.

25K Course Information

Full Aid Stations will be at mile 6.5, 9.6, 12.5

50K Course Information

50K Course runs the same as the 25K until right before the finish/split of the 25K. At which point a drop bag will be available if you have one and a full aid station. At that point you will turn left out of the campground and run the other side of Big Hill Pond State Park. Click the above link for the 2nd half of the 50K course and elevation map.
Full Aid Stations 15.5 (Drop Bag) 18.4, 23.0, 26.1, 27.5


Grivet Outdoors
Brooks Running
Raymond James
Precision Hydration
Grind City Brewing
Bank of McNairy County
Waste Connections
Stiles Advisors

General Info

Walking Tall has a strict 9 hour cut for the 50K and an 8 hour cut for the 25K. The event will end promptly at 4 p.m. to ensure everyone is off the course and the volunteers are finished before dark. That means you need to maintain a 17 minute 14 second mile average. The only true cut on the course is at the inbound railroad tracks at 2:30 which is mile 26.1. This will not be easy so be respectful if you are asked to drop. You may not change distances during the event.

According to the Ultra Magazine rating standards the event is a 3 for elevation change and is also a 3 for surface.

Year round camping is available at Big Hill Pond. If you plan to camp you should reserve your campsite ASAP

This is a not for profit event. 100% of the proceeds will go to charity. 90% will go directly to Big Hill Pond and 10% will go to TPRA. Tennessee Park Rangers Association

Refunds, Deferrals, and Transfers

This race is 100% for charity and giving back to the sport and park system we love. That is why we do not offer a refund or deferral option for your race bib. We do offer 2 options for a bib you have purchased if the race is SOLD OUT. First you can notify me that you would like to donate your bib to the park (I hope everyone picks to donate). If you choose that option it allows me to sell the bib to the next person on the wait list. The park makes a little more money for hosting us and this ensures a full field of runners. If the race is SOLD OUT we will also allow you to transfer your bib to a person of your choosing. If you hand select who gets your bib, you must email me to make the change. You are personally responsible for any money that exchanges hands at that point. You can also change distances at any time as long as there is an open spot for the distance you wish to run. If you know you can not make the race PLEASE let me know. This will allow as many people as possible the chance to earn a big stick and enjoy a day at Big Hill Pond State Park with friends.

Event's current local time: 10:43 AM CT


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