Friday, Aug 25, 2023 @ 5:00 AM

Silver Creek Mountain Runs

Empire, Colorado

Georgetown, CO 100 Miler

This Event Took Place Fri. Aug 25, 2023


Presenting a new vision for the previous Divide 100. Over the years I have been working toward an event that does this area justice and also interests runners. Apparently the 100 mile was too hard (every starter who had previously finished Hardrock DNF'd). Come check out the most beautiful alpine running Colorado has to offer. Big climbs, big views. These courses challenging, but extremely well-supported and with generous cut-offs to allow runners to challenge themselves.

Note on held charges: The courses (especially the 50 mile), weave in and out of different jurisdictions (county land, USFS land, etc.). These have independently reviewed their sections but have asked us to hold payments until they have coordinated finally on the course. They have given their blessing on these courses being published, but there could be minor changes. We expect to shift to standard charging by mid-April and will send an email ahead of this. Sign up for alerts to be in the loop!

50 Mile
A point-to-point mountain run from Geneva Creek near Bailey Colorado in the shadow of Mount Bierstadt and finishing in Empire, Colorado. 14,000 feet of elevation gain and 15,200 feet of descent. A high point of 13,200 feet and miles along the Continental Divide Trail. There will be a 16 hour Cut-off.

50 Kilometer
A lollipop course out of Empire, Colorado featuring singletrack trail and historic mining roads and rail grades in the area. 8500 feet of elevation gain and descent with a high point of 10,900 feet. There will be a 9 hour cut-off.

Half Marathon
A mountain race in the simplest sense. Go up, turn around, run back down. This runs from Empire, Colorado to Bill Moore Lake on the shoulder of Mount Alice, before descending back to town. 3500 feet of elevation gain and descent with a high point of 11,500 feet. There will be a 4.5 hour cut-off.

Note: All courses are subject to change based on weather, permitting, etc. but we will do our best to honor the spirit of the event.

Event's current local time: 6:19 PM MT


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