June 9 - 10, 2023
This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 10, 2023

Cancelled Event



200K Relays @ Friday 7:00PM (40 hour time limit)
200K Individual @ Friday 7:00PM (40 hour time limit)
100K Relays @ Saturday 7:00AM (16 hour time limit)
100K Individual @ Saturday 7:00AM (16 hour time limit)
50k Individual @ Saturday 7:00AM (10 hour time limit)
25k Individual @ Saturday 8:00AM (6 hour time limit)

All distances are one out and back. We also believe everyone should have the opportunity to finish what they’ve started, especially something as demanding and mentally challenging as a 200K and 100K. You have worked hard to complete this race and that’s exactly what we want you to do! We will cheer you on to the end. Be prepared to be encouraged, inspired, and above all, prove to yourself you can do anything you set your mind to! In order to receive a finisher award and a certified, recorded time, each time must complete the required distance and must finish within the allotted time frame.

All races will start and finish at the Mile 0 Flint Hills trail head in Osawatomie. This will also serve as the main hub of the race. We’ll have cowbells ringing and people screaming as runners finish an amazing endeavor! The Start/Finish is a great area for crews to hang out. We will have music playing and a food truck all night. There are also restrooms located in this area.


INDIVIDUAL EVENTS: 200K / 100K / 50K / 25K

Join us for Kansas’ ONLY ultra-relay event – Rail Rampage! This 200K relay will take you down the beautiful Flint Hills trail. For over a century, trains traveled what is now the Flint Hills Trail. The last train ran the line in the early 1990s. Rails and ties were soon removed. Trees and brush quickly reclaimed the pathway. The Flint Hills represent one of the last remaining tallgrass prairie ecosystems in the world. The eastern portion of the route travels alongside the Marais Des Cygnes River, between rushing waters and towering bluffs, through rolling farmland and riparian woodlands.

RAIL RAMPAGE is an ultra-relay running experience consisting of the following events: 200K relay for teams of four or eight runners, 200K individual race, 100K relay for teams of two or four, 100K individual race, 50k individual race, and 25k individual race.

It’s an adventure!
It lasts 40 hours continuously, day and night, for the 200K, 24 hours for the 100K, 10 hours for the 50k, and 6 hours for the 25k individual races.


Team members will take turns covering the 200K course with one person from each team running at any given time. The rest of the team will be able to hang out, cheer, relax, and sleep at the Mile 0 Trailhead where they will meet their runner to exchange their tracking device.

The race will be held in early June. The average high temperature is 80 degrees with the average low of 64 degrees. Although spring weather is typically beautiful, mother nature can be “menopausal”; hot and cold come and go quickly. Record highs have reached triple digits. Be prepared for anything. Make sure you check the weather reports leading up to race day.


200K Relay
Four-person teams will be able to choose what distance each team member will run to cover the 200K distance with each person running a minimum of one leg (one leg = 1 out-and-back = 15.5 miles). Teams can break down the 200K however they choose using the 15.5 mile out-and-back as a base requirement for each runner. An example of how a team can be split: runner 1 runs one leg, runner 2 runs two legs back-to-back, runner 3 runs two legs back-to-back, runner 4 runs one leg, runner 1 runs another lap, runner 3 runs the last lap. Each runner is encouraged to run a 50K distance. The exchange point for relay team will be at the Mile 0 Trailhead only. You will not be able to hand off your team tracking device at any course aid station except the Mile 0 Trailhead.
Eight-person teams will cover one leg per runner.
100K Relay
Each member of a four-person team will cover one leg of the total distance.
Each member of a two-person team will each complete two legs of the race in any order of their discretion. Both runners will be required to run 50K but can be broken down. For example, runner 1 runs 1 lap, runner 2 runs 2 laps, runner 1 runs final lap.

There are two team types:
• Create Your Own Team: Building your team is a great part of the relay process and it’s totally up to you, so get ready to rally your tribe and bring a team together to tackle the biggest relay event of the year!
• Be a ‘Pooled’ Runner: If you don’t have a full team ready to go but you want to sign up and be allocated to a team, then don’t worry, you can opt to sign up as a ‘Pooled Runner’ and be assigned to a relay team.

Teams can be mixed as you wish. However, to compete in the “Mixed Team” award category, you must have at least two members of either sex for an eight-person team and at least one of either sex for a four-person team. Regardless of team type, all runners (including pool runners) will register and pay for their relay place individually via the online registration page.


There are a limited number of pooled teams for those who wish to participate but don’t know three others who wish to race. If you want to register as part of a 4 person pooled team and be assigned team members at random, please register as usual under Pool Team registration. Registered competitors will be assigned a team at random by the end of March 2023. Pool teams are available for 200K - 4 Person Teams and 100K - 4 Person Teams only.


Each member of the team must pay the full price to complete registration. This is non-refundable but can be transferred to another runner for free until one month before the relay (May 24, 2023). We understand that circumstances can change and we want to make it easy for teams to deal with this. Teams can remove runners and invite new runners to join the team roster at no cost until the one month cut-off date. After this time, runners can be added to the roster at race check-in for a $40/runner fee. If a team has not recruited the correct number of participants they will not be allowed to compete.


~ On-course timers as well as computerized finish times for all races.

~ The course is entirely on a flat, fast, crushed gravel trail, with two super-awesome manned aid stations – one at the start/finish and one at mile 7.5. There is also an unmanned water station at mile 3.5 making this a great ultra experience!

~ Customized unisex technical blend race shirts for all racers. You must register by May 15th to guarantee your shirt size.

~ Abundantly stocked aid stations and knowledgeable aid station captains.

~ Hammer swag bag with product.

~ Great Distance-specific hardware.

~ Unique Awards in the following divisions:
• All-Male 4-person Relay Team
• All-Female 4-person Relay Team
• Mixed 4-person Relay Team
• 4-person Pooled Team
• All-Male 8-person Relay Team
• All-Female 8-person Relay Team
• Mixed 8-person Relay Team
• 8-person Pooled Team
• Top M/F 200K Individual Overall
• Top M/F 100K Individual Overall.
Top M/F 50k Individual Overall
Top M/F 25k Individual Overall

~ Complimentary race photos. We're thankful to have the help of our photographer friends to capture not only the course itself, but the spirit of our homegrown event.


The course will be an out and back (15.5 miles) consisting of single-track trail, old railroad beds and towpath trail. It is home to abundant prairie plant and wildlife species, spectacular views, and national historic sites. It is flat, crushed gravel course. Don't worry, you won’t get lost. The course is mostly straight, staffed well, and well-marked.


Manned aid stations are fully stocked with water, hammer nutrition, heed electrolyte drinks, snack foods, sandwiches, chips, candy, fresh fruit, bacon, grilled cheese, Ramen noodles, mashed potatoes, and more. We go all out with hot and cold food options so we will be ready for you. The unmanned station will be water only. There will be full aid stations at the start/finish and the Virginia trail access/turn-around, as well as an unmanned aid station at mile marker 3.5.


There will be NO late registration for 200K relay or 100K relay events. Late Registration will be available for 200K individual and 100K individual on Thursday and Friday Packet Pickups and on Race Day. Race day registration will begin at 5:00PM on Friday and 5:00AM on Saturday.


Pacers will be allowed for the 200K and 100K individual distances only.
No pacers allowed for the 200K relay and 100K relay.
Pacers can be picked up after 50K for both 200K and 100K individual events.
Only one pacer at a time per entrant.
Pacers may not mule/carry supplies for their runner.
All pacers must sign a liability waiver.
All pacers must wear a “pacer” bib while with their runner.
Pacers must be over 18 years of age or have the signed permission from a parent/legal guardian.
Pacers are allowed to help themselves to any food and beverages at aid stations while they are pacing. Pacer bibs and waivers will be at the crew access aid stations. Pacers can only enter/exit the race at manned aid stations.


Packet pickup will be on Thursday, June 8th from 4:00PM-7:00PM, Friday, June 9th from 5:00PM-7:00PM and Saturday, June 10th starting at 4:30AM. Location will be at the Mile 0 Flint Hills Trailhead/Race Hub.


WE HAVE A NO REFUND, NO TRANSFER POLICY FOR THIS RACE, HOWEVER, runners may defer their race entries to the same race the following year by notifying the Race Director a minimum of 10 days prior to the event. Deferral will not be permitted for any runner making a request less than 10 days before the scheduled event and we do NOT offer refunds. The race deferral is good for one year only. Requests for deferral must be submitted to the Race Director by email, communicating through the UltraSignup registration site. You will be responsible for contacting the Race Director prior to registering the next year. Race Directors will not contact you.


The race booklet will be available closer to the event date. Please read through the booklet with the detailed race information. This will include packet pick up times and location, guidelines for the race, course profile, award information, etc.


There are a number of opportunities to volunteer race weekend. If you are interested in contributing to this great event, please send an email to and we will work with you to figure out how you can best help make this race experience even better for the runners. Volunteers will received credit towards future race registration based off of the number of hours worked.

Event's current local time: 7:32 PM CT
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