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Friday, Feb 8, 2019 @ 8:00 AM

Orcas Island 100 Miler

Orcas Island, WA 100 Miler

Donation to Moran Trails
Donation to Moran - $5.00
Donation to Moran - $10.00
Donation to Moran - $15.00
Donation to Moran - $20.00
Donation to Moran - $30.00
Donation to Moran - $40.00
Donation to Moran - $50.00
Maintaining over thirty miles of trails takes work and money. Part of your registration goes back to these trails in the form of permit costs, but if you want to help support Moran State Park's trails with a specific trail/park donation, we know they'd really appreciate that.
Thursday Pasta Feed
Pasta Feed (Meat Sauce) - $15.00
Pasta Feed (Vegetarian Sauce) - $15.00
After the mandatory pre-race briefing, we will have an optional pasta feed catered by local restaurant, The Kitchen. It will feature spaghetti and red sauce (meat and vegetarian options available), salad, bread, and dessert. Price includes sales tax and all purchases are non refundable. To help ensure we have enough food, please pre-order for any family or friends who also wish to eat!
Orcas Slumber Party
Slumber Party - $38.94
Bunkhouse lodging prices for 2019 are ONLY $38.94 per person for THREE nights - Thursday, Friday, & Saturday nights of race-weekend. That's a great deal at $12.98/person/night, and includes bunk-style accommodations at Camp Moran, bathrooms, showers, and electric heat. NO CAMP MORAN KITCHEN ACCESS, so bring camp stoves, as needed, and coolers for food. You'll also need to bring your own bedding (sheets, blankets, or sleeping bags), pillows, toiletries, and your own food/drinks (no food in the cabins, please!). You'll also need to bring your communal spirit of adventure. Please note: Bunkhouse lodging is one price no matter how many nights you're staying, and there are no refunds or transfers on bunkhouse lodging or any other race add-ons. NO DOGS ALLOWED IN BUNKHOUSES for the safety, cleanliness, and allergies of all. Please preference any bunkhouse roommates via the "Questions" section of your registration. [No refunds or transfers on bunkhouse lodging, or any other add-ons bought via UltraSignup.]