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Saturday, Aug 1, 2020

Armstrong Redwoods Trail Run

Guerneville, CA 50K, 36K, 26K, 10K

Camping - Pre Pay for Parking
One extra vehicle - $8
Two extra vehicles - $16
If you purchased camping and will have an additional car, then this is the area to pre-pay for parking of each additional car. Other wise, this will also be the fee shall you or your guest want to pay the night you arrive.
Camping - Solo
Friday and Saturday Night - $60
Friday Night only - $35
Saturday Night only - $35
We have reserved all the available campsites at Bull Frog Campground in Armstrong Redwoods - Austin Creek. Your options are below. We can fit 8 people and two cars at each campsite. There is overflow parking at the campsite about 1/10 to 1/4 mile away depending on your site. Each Reservation comes with payment for person and one car entry into the park. We will not be cooking for the campers at night. (We do that at Salt Point Camping Experience) We will host a campfire each night at our sites, so bring a chair to relax with us.
Camping w/ Family or Friends
Fri & Sat Nights - 2 ppl - $70
Fri & Sat Nights - 3 ppl - $75
Fri & Sat Nights - 4 ppl - $80
Fri & Sat Nights - 5 ppl - $85
Fri Night - 2 ppl - $40
Fri Night - 3 ppl - $45
Fri Night - 4 ppl - $50
Fri Night - 5 ppl - $55
Sat Night - 2 ppl - $40
Sat Night - 3 ppl - $45
Sat Night - 4 ppl - $50
Sat Night - 5 ppl - $55
This is for the area if you are not solo and camping family for friends who will be joining you in the camp site and WILL NOT BE RACING. This includes one car. Each Additional Car is an $8 car entry fee paid at the park entrance or campsite depending when you arrive.
Cup-Free Racing - Hydra Pouch
Yes, I need one and will pick it up at the event when I check-in. - $11
HydraPouch portable cup with universal carry clip – hooks easily to shorts, tights, number belts, hydration belts, etc. These will be picked up when you check-in race day. If you select no, you understand that you need to go to the store and buy something resembling a hand-held water bottle or cup to use before, during, and after the event.
Post race meal tickets
Yes, I need additional post race meal/beverage tickets. - $15
All entrants receive one ticket for the post race BBQ. Our Post Race BBQ's rotate between tacos, fajitas, sliders, traditional BBQ fare with vegetarian options. For Caurto De Mayo, it's safe to guess the theme will be Mexican food. You will have the option at checkout to increase your extra meal tickets from 1 to 10.