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October 30 - 31, 2021

Javelina Jundred

Fountain Hills, AZ 100 Miler, 100K, Jackass 31K

Coldwater Rumble 100 Discounted Entry
Coldwater Rumble 100 Mile - $217.60
Run the Sonoran 200 by participating in both Javelina Jundred (Oct 2021) and Coldwater Rumble 100 Mile (Jan 2022). Sign up for Coldwater and earn a discounted entry.
Javelina Coaching through Sundog Running
Javelina 14-Week Generic Training Plan - $35.00
Only Select 1 Quantity Javelina 10 Week Generic Training Plan - $35.00
Only Select 1 Quantity Personalized 4x30 Week Training Plan $15 a week 1st week charge - $15.00
Only Select 1 Qty Personal Coach $110 or $160 a month will receive an email 0.01
We are excited to partner with the coaches (Ian and Emily Torrence and Eric Senseman) at Sundog Running for a variety of options to get you ready for the big day! We have a few different options to fit multiple budgets/goals: The first is a 10-week generic plan that is tailored specifically for Javelina but not customized individually for a one-time charge of $35. Second, is a customized 4-30 week training plan built off your running history and goals for $15/week. You would pay the $15 for the first week and the coaches will follow up with you on the length of the plan and remaining payment (entire payment for plan length due before receiving plan). 3rd/4th options are personalized monthly coaching through Sundog Running - these plans are either $110/month or $160/month depending on the level of interaction, goal planning and race specific fueling information you are wanting - more details below. Simply select the $0 option below and you will receive an email on how to proceed. All email communications for these plans will come directly through sundog running. Email ian@sundogrunning.com if you do not hear back with 72 hours of signing up. $110/Month Plan Includes: Personalized training plan & Email correspondence once a week with your coach. This specific program allows us to answer your questions, view your training and adjust your plan based on your evolving goals, life events and fitness gains. $160/Month Plan Includes: Personalized training plan, Unlimited contact with your coach by email and phone, Season planning and goal setting, Race plan development Injury prevention protocol & Long run and race day fueling
Javelina Branded Reusable Cup
Reusable Cup - $5
Javelina is a cupless event (however, there WILL be cups available on loop ONE ONLY). We want to try to cut down on the waste produced by offering a solution with the UltrAspire Javelina branded Reusable Cup. Cup is easily folded into a pocket and is good for hot and cold beverages.
Javelina Joody
Women's X-Small - $55
Women's Small - $55
Women's Medium - $55
Women's Large - $55
Women's XL - $55
Women's XXL - $55
Men's Small - $55
Men's Medium - $55
Men's Large - $55
Men's XL - $55
Men's XXL - $55
A commemorative hooded sweatshirt with the Javelina Jundred logo. Size is only guaranteed if ordered by October 1st!
Sleeping Bag Rental
One Sleeping Bag - $30
Tent & Cot Rental
Small Tent (7'x7') - Includes Camping Permit - $60
Large Tent (12'x8') - Includes Camping Permit - $85
Large Tent (12'x8') + 1 Cot - Includes Camping Permit - $110
Large Tent (12'x8') + 2 Cots - Includes Camping Permit - $135
All tent rentals include a valid camping permit for Friday and Saturday nights (10/30 - 10/31). Tent check-in begins Friday morning (10/30) at 7:00am. Tents and cots will be setup when you arrive and may be pre-assigned. Please leave cots inside of the tents when you depart on Sunday and we will break down all equipment. Small tents measure approximately 7 feet by 7 feet and are not large enough to stand up in or to fit cots. Large tents measure 12 feet by 8 feet and are large enough to stand up in. They can fit one or two cots.