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Saturday, May 4, 2024 @ 7:00 AM

White Lake Ultras

Tamworth, NH 24HR, 24HR 4 Per Team, 12HR, 12HR 4 Per Team, 6HR, 6HR 4 Per Team

Race Training Plan
Common 6 Hour Training Plan - $40
Common 12 Hour Training Plan - $40
Common 24 Hour Training Plan - $40
a 12 week training plan for the White Lake Ultras 6, 12 or 24 hour event. You can purchase a generic plan or work one on one with our coaches for a custom plan that works into your lifestyle.
Donate to Tamworth Conservation
Tamworth Conservation Commission - $1
You can choose to donate additional money (on top of the donation from Rockhopper Races) in $1 increments to the Tamworth Conservation Commission