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Event Setup - Step 1

Would you like to host your registration with us?

In order to list on our website, you must provide us with one comp entry to each distance of your event that you offer, or $100 worth of entries whichever is greater. Please email us ( the coupon code(s) and we will start settting up your race. Your event will not be activated until we receive the codes.

Is this the first time this event has been held?

Have we handled registration for this event before? 

Please use the "Add Event" link on last year's registration page.

Have you hosted an event with ultrasignup before?

Do you have an account with ultrasignup (personal or otherwise)?

What is the Email address you use for your ultrasignup account?

Please, create a free account with us first Click here to setup a new account.

Step 2 - The Basics

What is the Name of the event?


What is the Date of the event?


Where is the event located?


What is the Website of the event?


Add Distance(s) - Step 3

Race Start Time

Time Limit (hours)

Open Registration
Close Registration

Is this a relay?

How many people per team?

Will the Captain pay for the team?


Pricing - Step 4

Do you plan to increase your prices as the event draws near?

How many price levels(tiers) do you plan to have?

What is the Start Date of the Second price level?

What is the Start Date of the Third price level?

What is the Start Date of the Fourth price level?

Assign Pricing - Step 5

Set the pricing for each event

What is the First level Price?

What is the Second level Price?

What is the Third level Price?

What is the Fourth level Price?

Pricing Summary

  • Please set your prices for the

Questions - Step 6

Use this area to ask questions specific to your event. For example: Shirt size?, Where did you hear about us? etc...

What would you like to Ask?*



What are the available options?

*Questions already asked: name, dob, gender, email, address, phone, emergency contact info.

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